Close-up, Central Park, 2000

An oldie but a goodie.  He was just a pup back then.

Did You Vote Today?

I did!


And I hope you will too!

Ice Cream for Dogs

Yesterday Frank came over, without Parker because he was at home with a stomach ache.  I was very excited to see him because it’s been a while!

He & Liz went out, leaving me at home. 🙁

But they did bring me back a little something–an ice cream for dogs.  I have to say, I like regular ice cream a little better, I think!  I didn’t finish this one so I still have some left.  But this was pretty good, especially because it is still quite hot here.

It is called Frosty Paws.  It comes in a cute little cup, but after Liz read the ingredients online, she said she thinks regular ice cream might be better for me.  Which is ok with me!  Have you tried these?

In Case You Were Wondering…

This is what I do while Liz is painting:

Perhaps a little stretch:



Frenchie Sighting at “The Selby”

Have you heard of The Selby? It is a site showcasing the work of photographer Tom Selby, who takes wonderful pictures of people and their homes. Full of inspiration!

Liz spotted this photograph in the home of Mark and Ian:

I wonder who he is?

Meet Claude

I don’t think I need to explain why I had to share this photo with you:

photo via abh75 at flickr

This is Claude, isn’t he adorable? His mom, Alicia, created this series of photos in honor of Bastille Day.

Liz says it is pure genius. Alicia made his outfit and everything!

I am not so sure about the clothing…you know how I feel about dressing up. I hope Liz is not getting any ideas!

Recovering Nicely

I am so happy to be able to tell everyone that my surgery went well and I am feeling great! They were able to remove the tumor with clean margins and I should do very well going forward.  Dr. Judy does not expect it to come back.  I do have a scar but it is healing little by little and I will get my stitches out next week.

Ouch!  It actually looks even better than this now; this picture is from Sunday.  I have been very brave and not seemed to be in pain at all.  I was a little wobbly as we left the vet (I couldn’t wait to get out of there!) and when I got home I rested for a while. Then I pretended that I wanted to go on a walk (because Buster was going). But I was faking, after 1 block I sat down and then ran back home and went straight onto my bed! But by that evening I was playing with my toys.

As a bonus, I had my teeth cleaned while I was under anasthesia and now my breath smells super fresh!

I was all ready to attend a family picnic by the bay on Sunday.

Buster got to go too!

We had a good time.  Jon took me on a walk by the water:

And I discovered I really enjoy eating watermelon!

I love summer!

My Cousin Edgar

You all remember my cousin Buster don’t you? Here he is chillin on the couch at my auntie’s house:

But I also have a cousin named Edgar.

Edgar is a cat. I like to chase cats! This is hard for me and Edgar, because he does not like to be chased or lunged at and I don’t understand why. It is so much fun!

Just yesterday I was at the park and I chased a kitty right up a tree! It was the fastest I’d moved in a week!

Whenever I get within 3 feet of Edgar he starts to make a funny singing sound. This helps me to locate him more accurately.

But I am never allowed to get as close as I like…

He is a dumb cousin. In fact so is Buster. None of my cousins will play with me!

New Hearts Portrait

Well, Liz has finished another commission. This one was for a “hearts” painting of a sweet little dog called Elsa.

Here she is:

And here is the finished portrait:

It’s always so exciting when a new piece is finished!

My Overwhelming Cuteness

Sometimes, Liz can’t pass through the room without stopping to hug and pet me.

It’s pretty much a daily occurrence, but when you see this:

can you blame her?

It usually happens several times a day and sometimes she even threatens to eat me! I’m sure she doesn’t mean it though since it hasn’t happened yet. Do your humans do this to you too?

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