At The Beach

Today I braved the heat for a short walk to the beach.  When I saw these two cuties I just had to stop and say hello…

Liz  says it’s kind of miraculous we were all looking at the camera at the same time, much less managing smiles.  All I know is, we made such a cute (and noisy!) gathering!

Jon’s Birthday Dinner

Can you guess what Henri is thinking right now?


Playing with My Little Brother

Tug of war is my favorite, favorite game!!  Now I have someone else to play it with:

I don’t play rough with him though.  I know he is little and I adjust my pulling strength so we both have fun!

Pug Party 2009

Another thing I did while I was away from this blog: my 2nd visit to the annual San Diego Pug Party!  I was so excited to see the other dogs and sniff around but most of all to see my friends, Melissa of PugNotes and her sister Melanie!

Of course, they were excited to see me and meet Noah.  Melanie had made Noah this cute bear:


Isn’t it adorable?  She makes them from recycled sweaters and they are so cute and cuddly.  She will even make them out of your own sweater!  You can find them in her etsy shop.

That’s Liz with Melissa there by the way.  Melissa had set up her booth and there were so many cute things!  It was hard to choose but we got Noah this cute bib too:

Picture 40

Here is Noah checking things out while Jon & Melissa got caught up:


Of course, I had to check out the other dogs.  Like last year, there were many pugs in costumes.  Here is a little lady looking cute in her dress:


And this guy was dressed as a French Bulldog:


Upon further investigation, I realize he is a Frenchie!  The French Bulldog rescue had a booth there.  I guess puggies don’t discriminate.


Many pugs were just relaxing and enjoying themselves.  Like these two.  That cream one must have had a really hard day!


Whoops, looks like Liz forgot to take any pics of me!  Here is one we “borrowed” from Melissa’s original post.  We know she won’t mind!  I know you need your Henri Hopper fix. 🙂

Picture 41

She has loads of great pictures of the party, you might as well go take a look at her original post and check out her blog too while you’re at it!  It showcases her creative work and the adventures of our puggy friend, Emmitt!  They’re always up to fun things, go say hello and tell them we sent you.

See you soon…

My Winter Getaway

My blog has been quiet lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to much!  I’m hoping to be able to fill you in now that Liz has a little more time to spend helping me out with my blogging again.

This winter, when Noah was about a month old, I went on a mini-vacation to Palm Springs.  Here I am with my traveling companion, Ken.  He is Liz’s father-in-law and we have many memories of good times together when I lived in England.  I used to snuggle up with him in front of the fire, chase his cats…ah, those were some wonderful times!


Once in the car, I ride shotgun, of course:


I like to get settled in and comfortable.  Luckily Ken is very obliging:


At rest stops, I get in the driver’s seat to keep an eye on things:


And here I am at our lodgings, the Caliente Tropics Resort.


They allow dogs there, so it was a great choice.  Liz says the rooms are ok, and the pool was very nice.  I spent most of my time just sleeping in the a/c, and venturing out for walks once night fell.  It is very warm in Palm Springs, you know.

On our way back home, we drove through the Anza-Borrego desert.  Here I am in Borrego Springs.  Everyone else had lunch; all I got was a potty break!


It was wildflower season and we wanted to have a look at the flowers in bloom.  I don’t see any!  Oh wait, is that one under my paw?


That’s about all we found.  A slight disappointment, but still it was a beautiful place:


On our way home, we stopped for a treat in the mountain town of Julian:


Is that an apple pie I smell in there??  Yum!

Playing with Noah

Well, baby Noah has been keeping us busy!  I can’t believe he is 6 months old now.  We are well on our way to being bffs though:

Good times!

I’m Finally Back!

Hello everyone and Happy 2009 to you!  I hope you all had a great holiday season.  Can you believe we are already heading into the end of January?  Wow, time flies…

Well, I don’t know about you but I had a very nice Christmas and New Year.  Here is a little glimpse into how I spent most of my time.

With my Auntie Emily:


with Jon:


with my great-grandpa Mark:


with my Grammy:


with my Auntie Irene:


I did wake up periodically to partake in some of the festivities.  Do you remember Kristin?  She came over one evening and gave me another of her famous massages:


Then for New Year’s we had some family come to stay with us–Jon’s cousin Matt and his girlfriend Erin, who are doing an exciting around-the-world trip, made a stop in San Diego!  I hung out with them on New Year’s Eve:


But I didn’t make it till midnight.


Matt kept thinking it was amusing to play tricks on my while I was trying to sleep:


Yeah very funny.  Can’t he see that I already have my own set of bunny ears??


Just for A Laugh…

I know I said I was going to take a blogging break over the holidays, but I had to show you this little video Alisha, Claude’s mom, made:


I’m in it, and if you feel like laughing, click here!

A Holiday Party

Last week I was lucky to be invited to a party!  Imagine…this is actually the first holiday party where my attendance has been specifically requested.  Liz’s friend Jeri has a little shih tzu named Swasey and they wanted us to finally meet.


She was wearing her Christmas jingle bell collar specially for the occasion and she looked very beautiful.  She was quite friendly and wanted to play:


but I just wanted to sniff around the house a bit.  I get very nosy in a new place, you see.  I found where she keeps all her toys, and proceeded to get them out and chew on them.


I like to make myself right at home!   So after I had finished removing Snoopy’s nose, I proceeded to lay down and take a little snooze.  There’s really nothing I like more than to sleep in front of a nice fire.  When we lived in England I used to do it all the time.


My sleep was soon interrupted, however, by the arrival of another guest!


Swasey’s friend Gizmo had also been invited to the festivities, so I roused myself and we played around the house for a little while.

Then I got to try on the special Christmas collar:


In all it was a wonderful party!

Of course you know what I did when I got home though…all of that celebrating tired me out!


My Weekend Away

Sometimes I just feel the need to get away from it all, you know?  The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be overwhelming and it’s nice to just take some time out for oneself.  Don’t you think so?

I was excited when I overheard Liz talking to Jon about taking me to stay with them in their hotel downtown while they went to Jon’s Christmas party.


The hotel just opened about a week beforehand, and I thought I would be able to sleep in a nice new king-sized bed, sit at the window overlooking the bay, maybe even have a dip in the hot tub.

Well, I guess the “pet-friendly” hotel had a non-refundable pet “deposit” that meant really they would have to pay for me to stay.  And for what they wanted, Liz says I should have got my own bed.  Doesn’t she know that I’m worth it?!?

So instead I got sent to my aunties’ house for the weekend. 🙁  I like my aunties but my cousins are kind of another story.  You may remember Buster, the chihuahua who hates me.  Come to think of it, my cousin Edgar hates me too.  But I will admit I do antagonize him sometimes.  He is a cat and you know how I feel about cats!  On top of these characters, there is a new part-time addition to the household and I really don’t know what to make of him.  His name is Amico, and he is a puppy who is already twice my size.  He spends half his time growling at me, and the rest of the time licking my face off!


No matter what I do, he just won’t leave me alone!


So, I spent my “holiday” trying to avoid him, Edgar’s random attacks from underneath chairs and going up stairways, and then to top it all off, when my auntie Em finally let me in her bed to sleep, just as I was getting comfy her boyfriend booted me out for “snoring”!!  I guess he is a man of double standards because he snores much louder than I do!

So much for my relaxing weekend plans…I got home and went straight onto my bed to sleep!  It took me all of Monday to recover…how was your weekend??

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