A Tuesday with Parker

So last week I promised to share with you more of my adventures with Parker. I hadn’t seen him in a few months until yesterday, and he is taller than me now, though much skinnier. We got on smashingly. Now that he is big enough we can play. When he was little I had to be more careful with him.

We decided to take some pictures in front of my house:

Just kidding, that’s not really my house, Liz would never go for these hideous awnings!

Honestly, I find photo shoots so BORING; I would rather just eat grass (and I do!)

Parker’s not too keen on them either, but I told him you just have to go with it!

Then who knows, you might at least get a little treat out of it, or a scratch.

We ended up getting a walk all over the park. And believe me when I say we were tired little pups when we got home! Parker passed out on the couch:

And I squished myself into his bed:

It was just right, really…

Etsy Shop Update

Liz has been continuing to work on the “henri with hearts” series, and this is a glimpse of her desk from last night:

And today, she finally updated her etsy shop! With the red one:

This is her favorite one so far. I do think I look good in blue. Don’t you?

A Day of Cupcakes

Yesterday Liz & Frank took an inspirational trip to the Laguna Art Museum. They went to see this:

He is one of Liz’s most favorite painters.

They went without me of course.

But they brought me something back:

It was a mini Sprinkles cupcake. Liz told me she never had one before but it was pretty much the best cupcake she ever had. I liked mine too, once I was finally allowed to eat it!

While we’re on the subject, I’d like you to meet my friend Parker. He is Frank’s best friend and he got a cupcake too:

Hopefully you will get to see more of him as we have more adventures together!

I Lost A Toenail

I guess this is pretty common but it has never happened to me before…I stubbed my toe on the step and broke my nail mostly off and they had to take the rest off at the vet’s. It hurt a lot and Liz kept stuffing my face with treats; I think she felt sorry for me.

But I’m feeling better now!

Sewing with Liz and Kristin

Last week, Liz and Kristin decided to get together to design some pillows. They said they are going to start a little business doing this. So, as is my duty, I accompanied them into the craft room, and sat between them on the floor.

For some reason they seemed to think I was in the way, so I retired to this chair to supervise:

But conditions soon deteriorated:

They swore it helped them to envision the final outcome, but somehow I don’t think so…

Hello, My Name Is Henri Hopper.

Considered by many to be “the cutest dog ever”, Henri Hopper was born in Avinger, Texas to a brindle mother and a pied father.

He moved to Manhattan at 4 months of age. Henri took the city by storm—in a village full of French bullies, he never failed to stop traffic. In New York, he cultivated his love of squirrels, humans and gourmet cuisine, and his hatred of dog parks and snow shoes. He was a member of the Greenwich Village French Bulldog Association and dabbled in modeling.

After several trips to Europe, including many jaunts to Paris to discover his roots, he decided to move to England. It was lovely, but rainy, and in 2004 he returned to the US, this time to sunny San Diego, CA, where he intends to spend the rest of his days.

Henri enjoys eating, sleeping, playing at the beach, and being a constant source of inspiration to Liz.

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