My Cousin Buster

I have a cousin who is a chihuahua. His name is Buster Jones.

Unfortunately, we sort of hate each other.

It’s not my fault. I try to play with him when he visits, but he just growls at me and runs away. So, I get back at him by stealing his food and not letting him eat any of mine. The rest of the time we just ignore each other.

But I will admit he is pretty cute.

Do you remember when I told you Liz made a piece called “Henri Repeats”? Well, she made one of Buster, and here it is:

Nice, but one Buster is enough for me.

The Dreaded Bath

Ugh, guess what happened to me today. I think you can imagine. I was still just a little sandy from the beach, and Liz said I had to have a bath!

This made me very sad. Usually, when I hear those words, I slump down on the ground, hoping she won’t notice I am there. Or, I try to run away without her noticing. Neither of these techniques have been successful…yet.

I have my bath in the kitchen sink. Liz finally realized this was easier than the bathtub because it is just my size and it has a spray thing. This makes it easier for her to wash me without getting my head too wet. I think I told you how much I hate that!! She does disinfect the sink after, FYI.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting me, you will not know that I am kind of known for my thick and silky coat. It has even been described as “mink-like”. I actually have no idea how it feels, it’s just that everyone tells me that. I’m sure it’s partly down to my good genes, but I do have a few secrets to share with you, since Liz says she thinks it’s down to my food and also my grooming regimen.

I get a bath once a week or every two weeks. Liz says I’m really stinky if not. Also, it seems to help with allergies (hers and mine) if I get bathed this often.

First, I get all wet.

Then Liz applies the shampoo and works it into a super lather. Usually she gives me a massage while this is happening; I like that part a lot.

This is the shampoo she uses:

It is called Pet Silk Oatmeal Shampoo. The oatmeal is very soothing to my skin especially if I have been feeling itchy.

After that, I get rinsed off, and then Liz massages in my conditioner, Pet Silk Oatmeal Conditioner:

The conditioner must sit for 10 minutes. So, while it is taking effect, Liz uses a washcloth to clean my face wrinkles and ears, and if she’s feeling ambitious she might brush my teeth with my favorite chicken flavor toothpaste, or do a few things around the kitchen.

Here I am just waiting:

Then comes the final rinse, and the towel-dry.

Then Liz applies a small amount of Pet Silk finishing gloss:

Obviously I could care less, but Liz swears this smells sooo good. In fact, it smells exactly like the BioSilk Liz’s sister puts in her hair! They even suspect it is actually BioSilk.

Then, I get my treats:

Usually, one of each of the three kinds I have. Liz always tries to test me to see which one I like the best, by putting them all in a row, but I never really eat them in the same order.

You can get the Pet Silk products here. Liz wants you to know she is not affiliated with this site or company in any way. She just absolutely loves their products! And it may be a little more than you usually spend on your doggy shampoo, but these same bottles have lasted us over 2 years. So…it’s not really that much at all, for fur that feels and smells divine!

Now I must go run around the house like a crazy dog, because baths make me hyper! Then I go to sleep in my bed, which has been freshly washed, and Liz pets and smells me a lot.

Next time, I will tell you about the food that I eat. It is so yummy, you will want to eat it too!

A Visit to OB

Today Liz made me go with her to see the tax man. He talks a LOT about un-tax-related things, and Liz says he likes having a captive audience. She figured I’d be her ticket outta there if things got real bad.

So, I had to sit in the office (on the floor, mind you) while he asked her boring questions and told stories about his dachsund, who, obviously, is not as cute as me.

BUT the reward for this was I got to go to the beach.

Yes, this makes me happy.

I haven’t been in a while, and usually we don’t even go to this one. Liz says she likes it more these days though. They seemed to have cleaned it up since she last lived here.

The tide was out so I could explore the rocks, and of course I had to pose there (literally, Liz made me).

How handsome, no?

Once that was over, I ran away.

As usual I was not so keen on the water, even though it wasn’t that cold today. If it’s hot I like it more, but I never go swimming. Just up to my chest, and I don’t like the waves, because I don’t like water on my head.

I decided to head back up to the rocks to check out the social scene. This young fellow was very friendly:

A little too much so, if you ask me.

So I decided to go for a walk, but not before saying hello to this dog:

Then I made a run for it.

Dang it! Liz made me pose again.

I am quite accommodating, but that’s because I thought she might have a cookie for me.

But she said she was all out! Next time, she needs to bring more than one!

So, it was back off down the beach with me:

The sun was just beginning to set. I couldn’t help but take a moment to myself to reflect on its beauty.

We started making our way back up the beach. Then I spotted this little lovely:

I do like pugs! This one was a cutie. It’s too bad you couldn’t see her face.

After a quick hello, Liz and I were off, back to the car for a drink and a rest!

And the best part is, we’ve been home ages and she hasn’t even made me have a bath yet!

Not More Sewing…

Liz said you’re probably bored of hearing about me watching her and Kristin design and sew pillows, but she wanted to preview some of the new collections they are working on and also she said I am so cute that you would probably want to see another picture of me no matter what I am doing.

So here is the picture of me:

I am saying, “What, are you kidding me? More pictures of me waiting for you to get done sewing?”

And here are some of the things they are working on putting together:

They pretty much finished that collection. You will have to see it when it’s made up. It will be cool. And here is the next one they will be doing:

Or something like that. It usually changes a lot from this initial stage, but we’ll see! I will be sure to post more pictures when those are ready.

There are a few pillows that are finished that you haven’t seen yet, but the light was really bad that day so pictures did not get taken. Maybe by next week!

A New Bed

Sadly, it was only temporary!

Liz’s in-laws came to visit us last week (that’s why we haven’t written in a little while) and me & Liz got to sleep in the office on a new bed. Usually I sleep on my own bed, like this:

or sometimes a chair in the living room, but Jon was sleeping in there and he says I snore too loud for him.

I used to sleep in Liz’s bed before she met Jon, but due to my snoring problem (it’s not my fault!) I got booted. Liz said was really excited that we would get to share a bed again because I’m really warm and fuzzy and I don’t mind if she puts her cold feet under my belly to get warm.

At first I did not like it, because I am not used to sleeping with anyone. The new bed was small and I would kick Liz with my paws to try to get some room, and then give up and go sleep on my regular bed which she had brought in there with us.

The first night I lasted maybe 10 minutes, the second, half an hour. By the 5th day, I was starting to get used to it! I had my own pillow and plenty of covers. This is how Jon found us in the morning:

The pillow was just perfect for my chin!

After the inlaws left, Liz nicely left the bed out for me for a little while, because she could see that I liked it. I would sleep on it all day and all night too.

Finally she said she had to put it away because it was taking up too much room! But I held out as long as I could.

Mmm, it was so squishy and nice. Maybe she will get me another bed for the office, just like this one, but smaller. She said she would think about it!

My Friend Mimi

I have never met her (she lives in Malaysia), but I think I am in love. Isn’t she just a vision of puggy perfection?

Oh, to be that lion! Mimi, will you be my valentine?

Dinner at My House

On Saturday, I was calmly scarfing my dinner down in the usual manner as Liz cooked hers. Imagine my surprise when Parker ran in the door!

It’s so cool having a friend my size. I never got to play tug-of-war with another dog. Liz always had to pretend to be one and play with me. The thing is I hate meeting dogs at the dog park. I totally ignore them, so Liz gave up on taking me there. And not many of her friends have dogs. Until now!

As soon as I saw Parker, I ran to my little toy shelf and got out some toys for us to play with. Liz practically died from the cuteness of my actions.

We proceeded to engage in some serious playtime:

And it was seriously tiring.

But not just for me! Parker too:

I hope he comes for dinner again soon!

Henri Repeats

Liz wanted me to share her latest with you. It should go up in our etsy shop tomorrow or the day after…she is trying to think of cute ways to photograph it.

None of which can happen now, because it is dark, and she has noticed that most things only turn out well in daylight.

Another Day of Sewing

Liz & Kristin got together again this week to do some sewing. This is the 3rd time already I think. It’s not very exciting, but I do what I can to assist the process. Here I am helping Liz rip seams. She tried making the sewing machine go backwards, and apparently that doesn’t work! Check out my look of intense concentration:

I take this shizz seriously!

I know it’s my job to supervise these girls, but it’s really not that fun. They don’t listen to any of my design advice, and they don’t pet me as much as I would like, either. Liz even had the nerve to tell me to be careful not to drool on the silk! As if I would. I was just resting my chin.

You can see a couple of their finished pillows in the background there. Yeah, they’re cute, I guess!

Stay tuned. They will put them on Etsy soon, they told me. Maybe next week.

All this sewing is tiring though!

At least they were too distracted with sewing things to dress me up with trims this time! But I did have to wait ages for my dinner…


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