Meet Emmitt

Today Liz called me in the yard to meet a new friend. His name is Emmitt, and he is made by the talented Melissa Langer. Here we are, getting introduced:
He smelled very nice. I tried to eat him at this point, but Liz said “No”, and made me sit down for a picture. Bo-ring!
Whatever, do I look like I care about him?
Just kidding! A surprise attack…and this little morsel is mine…
Not for long, unfortunately. So I gave up trying to chew him and rolled over so I could get my tummy rubbed. It always works. Liz made me work for it, though. I had to pose for another picture with my new “friend”:
Now he is sitting out of my reach on Liz’s desk. So much for that! Guess I will have to play with one of my other toys now…
But I may get to meet the real Emmitt soon anyway, because he is going to visit San Diego for a very special pug party this summer! How exciting!

Buster Repeats II

It seems that Liz knows more than one Buster. This one lives on the East Coast though, and he is a beagle.Liz wanted me to share his repeats portrait with you, since she just finished it and it is going in the mail today:

Hope he likes it!

My Jogging Suit

I thought you might like to see another picture of me dressed up:This was way back in about 2000. I was young and even slimmer then. But as you can see, I was not happy about this outfit either. Again, due to my chestiness, it was too tight.When I got outside, I took my revenge by plopping down on the sidewalk and refusing to walk any further!It wasn’t as bad as when Liz used to make me wear snow shoes. To be fair, my feet used to bleed from the salt and snow on the sidewalk. So she got me shoes. She used to laugh at me a lot when I tried walking in them with my legs all stiff (I never could figure it out!) and especially when I used to try (unsuccessfully) to shake them off.Liz says she is sorry she never got a picture of that. I’m just glad she doesn’t still have those shoes, because she probably would try to get a picture for you now!

My New Jacket

This past weekend was Liz’s birthday. So imagine my surprise when a package arrived for me!

Unfortunately, it didn’t contain a delectable mix of treats, or a toy…it was a new outfit.

A jean jacket, no less. The next day, Liz actually woke me from a nap to put this thing on me. Now, I know I look handsome in clothes, but this is too much! I thought after I outgrew my sweater and we moved back to San Diego where it is warm, I would not have to suffer such indignities any longer!

Now as I have mentioned before, I am an ideal size. However, my body type is a bit chestier than some other dogs’ might be…and so, it does not button! Well, one button does close, but then it just unsnaps. I think this might be a good thing though, since I might not have to wear it often? I hope not. I really was in no mood for this:

In fact, it downright depressed me:

Why is this necessary?

A Day at Coronado

Yesterday Liz decided we should go to the beach. It is finally starting to be sunny and with daylight savings time, it feels very summery.

Of course I am always ready for a trip to the beach. It’s pretty much my favorite place, although the park is a close second.  Or any walk, really.

Here I am with the famous Hotel Del waaay in the background:

It was pretty hot but we decided to walk to the end of the beach because I like to do that. I met a few dogs along the way:

But I wasn’t feeling too playful. I’m a bit discriminating when it comes to other dogs. Usually I like other smushy faced dogs, and I tend to like girls better than boys. There are exceptions of course, and Liz has never been able to figure me out completely.  I’m just more of a people dog.

So we kept walking, towards Point Loma:

That is it in the distance. This is one of Liz’s favorite beaches in all of San Diego. Maybe you can see why.

I like to walk to the end, where the beach becomes a military-only beach, to sniff around the rocks down there.

I have sneaked across a few times, but the guard finds me so charming I don’t get into trouble. Only with Liz!

And then we headed back! It was a lovely and relaxing time.

Of course, when we got back I had to face a bath. But now I’m nice and clean, and snuggling in my bed:

And quite frankly I’m ready for Liz to stop taking pictures of me!

Walking with Parker

Last week, Liz took me to visit my friend Parker again. He lives in a part of town called “Banker’s Hill”, in a lovely apartment with lots of glass and great views.We were very excited to see each other again:

Here I am waiting for Parker to come off the couch and play:

And here he is pretending to ignore me:

Then he attacked!

After we played for a while and Liz & her friends drank some tea and ate cookies without giving us any, they decided to take us out.

We are both very well trained and immediately sat down so we could get our leashes on. (Okay, maybe we were bribed a little).

It is a nice neighborhood to go walking in. There are a lot of big old houses and there is an old suspension bridge that goes across a canyon. Here we are on it:

Liz does not like that bridge very much but we don’t care. We just want to get to the other side! There are even bigger houses at the other end. Liz & Frank like to look at things like that & choose their favorite ones.

There is one house that Frank likes, with a very Asian themed garden. It has some cool black bamboo around the outside. He & Liz always peek over the gate to see what’s new with the garden. I couldn’t see anything, but here is the view to downtown San Diego. As you can see it is very hilly around there.

When we got back to the house, Parker and I were both very tired. Parker decided to have a little rest on the couch.

We still had a little energy left over to play some more, though.

And then we went home! I hope we get to see each other again soon!

My Food

Well, here it is as promised, a look at my food.

I love it and Liz thinks it is responsible for my excellent coat and youthful looks (did you know I am 8 years old? I know I don’t look it!)

She got this recipe from Dr. Michael Fox’s website. My vet, Dr. Judy, approves of it.

In a large stockpot, put:

2 cups of uncooked rice (or pasta or other grain)

1 tsp. kelp

1 tsp. brewer’s yeast

1 tsp. calcium carbonate/citrate/ or lactate

1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp. wheat germ

1 tbsp. vegetable (flax* or safflower oil)

a little salt (sea salt if you have it)

1 lb. meat/fish (see original recipe for complete instructions, including how to use a whole chicken)

water to cover

We use fish because I have allergies to other things. It’s still delicious. Liz gets frozen fish and defrosts it, then adds it to the pot.

Just boil it all up till the rice is mushy, stirring occasionally. You can add more water as you need to.

While it is still hot, add 2 c. mixed pureed carrots, yam, sweet potato, or other vegetables. Sometimes Liz throws an apple into the mix. She uses mixes of frozen/fresh leftover vegetables that have been chopped up in the blender. Mix this in very well.

Cool the food– one way is to separate it into containers and put them in an ice bath in the sink. If you are using flaxseed oil, add it after the food has cooled, because heat destroys it.

Save enough to eat for a couple days in the fridge and freeze the rest. Just defrost when you are ready to use! Liz usually makes a double batch so there is plenty on hand.

Don’t be put off by the ingredients. They are easy to find at your local health food store. We got them all at Henry’s (my favorite grocery store, obviously).

Since Liz discovered I like Buster’s food so much last time he was here, sometimes I also get some Wellness brand dry kibble mixed in.

I weigh 25 pounds, and I am nice and slim (though very toned). I eat about 2 cups per day.

Bon appetit!

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