Soap for Dog Lovers

A few days ago Liz went to LA without me.

She said it was lots of fun anyway and wanted to share this photo with all you dog lovers:

Aren’t they cute? Apparently there are lots of fun things to see and do in LA! Unfortunately there wasn’t a frenchie soap. Perhaps I should let them know what they are missing…

New Etsy Banner

I wanted to tell you about a new banner that Liz made for my etsy shop.

Nice and summery, isn’t it?

And much nicer than the old one!

She’s just so into the seaside and all things nautical right now.

Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend, I’m off to Santa Barbara to visit my friends Alfie and Chloe:

(photo by jenredstar)

(photo by Ryan)

Can’t wait to share my adventures with you!

Another Day at Coronado

After Liz finished getting her hair cut last week, we went over to Parker’s house and then to get some lunch:

Well, I should say Liz and Frank got lunch; me and Parker got to sit under the table and wait for scraps. Luckily, a bag of SunChips flew off the table, so I got to have a few extras.

Also, the lady at the deli gave Parker and me a Milk Bone. We had to share it, so Liz & Frank had to separate us while we ate. We have been known to have a few incidents over food, which Liz says are my fault. Once we got into a fight over a wind-up piece of sushi because I mistakenly thought it was edible…:(

You could see how that could happen, right?

After lunch, we got back in the car and drove down to Coronado. It was a lovely day. Parker immediately went crazy and started running around, and I did my usual routine of strolling down the beach on my own, peeing on every visible piece of seaweed. But then we all went for a little walk:

Frank gave me tummy rubs in the sand:

Parker met some poodles who were very unfortunately dressed (well, one of them was!)

Liz says that is “wrong”. I say, what is wrong about it? She is already a poodle. It is to be expected.

Frank told Parker he was running too wild, and made him be carried for a while:

Parker did not like this very much. He does not really like to have his picture taken. I told him, you have to just roll with it because our humans are crazy for pictures!

I am used to it and I happily pose (as long as I am not dressed in some outfit, then I do not like it!)

(See, Parker still looks sad)! We were visited by some new friends:

Unfortunately, I stepped on something I shouldn’t have and my paw started hurting a lot. Usually I’m very brave and Liz has a hard time telling if something is wrong with me. But I was limping and then I just laid down in the sand:

Frank tried to make me feel better by brushing me and giving me cuddles:

But it was still hurting a lot! So we decided to go home. Liz washed my paw at the doggie faucet and then we were ready to get in the car. I just had to sit by Parker– I was already starting to forget about my paw! Don’t we look cute sitting together in the back seat?

I can’t wait to go to the beach again!

A New Haircut

Not for me, of course!  I have a look that works for me very well, thank you!

Liz went to get her hair cut at a new place (same stylist; the supertalented Katie) in Little Italy called Salon Tonic.

I came along because I was promised a trip to the beach afterwards.

I was very well-behaved and of course everyone loved me!  I’m not being conceited–people just gravitate towards me.  And I like people to like me.

Here is a picture of me with a new friend that I made:

He even shared a little cookie crumb with me!

You know, it’s good to be me…:)

Pixel Repeats

This is the latest in the repeats series- a commission for a dog named Pixel:

Isn’t she beautiful?

We heard that her owner enjoyed this very much and we hope you do too!

My Hiding Place

Sometimes I like to hide in unusual places. This is where Liz found me the other day:

Under the desk, behind the filing cabinet. It’s one of my favorite spots.

The first time I ever went in there I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t come out when they called me. Liz and her neighbors were searching everywhere–down at the park, around the block, and I was in the house the whole time!

Now Liz knows I like to go in there, but she doesn’t know why. See those ridiculous wires everywhere? Liz hates them, but I think it’s fun to find my way through them and back into my little corner, where I am safe from the world…

A Trip Downtown

One evening this weekend, Liz asked me if I wanted to go out. This is my look that says, “um…YES!!”

So off we went in the car. When we arrived I couldn’t wait to get out!

Finally, after posing for several pictures like this, I was allowed out and we went walking down the street. Liz warned me not to get squished by the trolley, but I wasn’t worried about it:

I haven’t been downtown in a very long time, so I was quite interested to see all the new buildings that are going up everywhere:

I stopped to pose by some new graffiti on the exterior of an art school called the Art Academy of San Diego. Liz used to go paint there. It is a nice studio space and they have classes in all kinds of painting and other kinds of art making. They are also “dog friendly”, although they do not appreciate dogs randomly walking through the sculpture studio, as I found out one day! Oops.

Here we are, nearly to our destination. Petco Park is in the background. Can you tell I am getting a little tired?

When we arrived, I was overjoyed to see my friend Martin:

Liz told me if I waited patiently I would get a special surprise. So, after visiting with Martin and some other bystanders, I waited by the door of the bar (I wasn’t allowed in).

This is the Neighborhood Bar downtown. They have very nice beers, burgers and other food. I have never had any, I’ve just heard through the grapevine… The next thing you know, another french bulldog appeared from around the corner!

I was so happy to see another dog just like me. Liz told me his name is Cassius and she met his mom at the Neighborhood. When Liz & Jon found out she had a frenchie too they decided we had to meet!

Cassius wanted to play but I was a still a little tired from the walk. He is only two and I am eight, so even though I’m still playful, I admit I’m not as exuberant as I once was! So Jon helped us out:

Maybe we’ll meet again at one of the San Diego french bulldog Meetups. I hope so! Then it was back to the car to our next destination. Jon let me sit on his lap so I could see out the window:

A very exciting night out!

Pug Bowl 2008

So, this is a little late in being posted, but it was too cute to miss. I am talking about Nevis‘ Pug Bowl 2008.

Here is an adorable picture of her pug, Rukia, in a bowl:

You get the idea!

However, I’m a little too big for a bowl like that, and Liz has been searching for an appropriately- sized container.

This is what she finally came up with:

I guess this version is called French Bulldog Old Cardboard Box 2008. But still cute, no?
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