A Little Snooze

This morning after my walk Liz said I had to have another bath. So I did and I went from smelling stinky to smelling lovely. Liz had washed my bed at the same time though and it’s cold! So, she said as a special treat I could get in her bed. (Jon doesn’t know about this, by the way!)

Here I am, wondering why I can’t just sleep in peace without Liz taking pictures of me!

Ok, I’m going back to sleep now…

It’s very warm and cozy in here. Goodnight!

More Sewing Adventures

It’s been awhile since I’ve had any sewing to supervise. Things came to a standstill for a while with the pillow thing. But it looks like they are back on now!

Today was a very exciting day. First Anna came over to work on the pillows with Liz. I was so excited to see her that I could not leave her alone. When she & Liz were trying to design the pillows, I had to put in my two cents. I needed some scratches!

Luckily Anna is very accommodating and gave me all the scratching I desired.

It made me very relaxed and sleepy!

Then we got another visitor! Elsa’s mom came to pick her painting! I looove having visitors and it was so fun to meet a new friend. 🙂

I was so excited I got my lobster out so we could all play together. Anna, once again, was very accommodating:

Then they said it was time for more sewing. So back into the room we went. Of course I didn’t stay awake for long!

What can I say? I am much more interested in sleeping than sewing!

My New Friend Alana

A few weeks ago I went to a party and I met a new friend. Her name is Alana:

Isn’t she a cutie? We had the best time playing together!

Of course, we had to pose for a few pictures. This is one of our favorites:

We’re just thinking about getting back to playtime! And then we did!

New Hearts Portrait

Well, Liz has finished another commission. This one was for a “hearts” painting of a sweet little dog called Elsa.

Here she is:

And here is the finished portrait:

It’s always so exciting when a new piece is finished!

Liz the Dognapper

Do you remember I mentioned that Liz kidnapped a dog while we were in Santa Barbara? She swears she did not do it on purpose, but you can decide for yourself. This is what happened:

As she was leaving the house to meet her cousin, a dog came trotting down the sidewalk. He looked kind of scruffy and had no collar on. No one else was around. Liz thought she could ask about the dog at the house next door, but the gate was tied halfway closed with a piece of string and she could not get in. As Liz was wondering what to do, a lady came walked out from around the corner but said she had no idea whose dog this was.

Liz did not want to just leave the dog, in case something happened to him, and to be honest he looked a little bit pathetic. This was emphasized by the fact he had only one eye.

The lady told Liz about a shelter where she could drop the dog off for the weekend. So Liz took the dog to her car and off they went! He was very friendly and well-behaved. When they got in the car he immediately jumped into the back and lay down on the floor like he was used to riding in a car.

Liz could not find the shelter and she was late meeting her cousin for lunch so she decided to just go to her cousin’s house for a while. The dog made himself right at home, and jumped up on the couch with Liz’s grandma while Liz called the shelter.

Liz also sent a picture of the dog to her friend to ask whether she knew whose dog this was, but got no reply. So off they all went to lunch, where the dog sat very nicely by the table and enjoyed a stroll near the ocean.

Then it was time to go to the shelter. It was about twenty minutes away and just as they arrived, Liz got a text from her friend. It turned out this dog lived next door!

His name was Jasper, and he was in the habit of letting himself out of his yard to go for a walk. He was simply taking his daily constitutional, when Liz just grabbed him and stuffed him into her car! Liz felt very silly about this, but at least Jasper had a nice afternoon. And her friend replaced the string on the gate with a bungee cord so that Jasper could not escape anymore.

Honestly, I think Liz was a little disappointed she could not bring him home with us!

Buster is Back!

Guess what? My cousin Buster is back in San Diego, this time for good.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

My Santa Barbara Weekend

As you may know, the weekend before last I went on a little trip.  Liz kept telling me we were going somewhere fun. But when she bundled me in the car at 9 pm and then started driving for hours, I had no idea where it could be!

After about 4 hours and a couple of pit stops, we arrived and I realized where we were: Santa Barbara!  I have been there once before.  It was a few years ago but I have great memories of playing with my friend Chloe:

But this time we were in a different place and there was no Chloe to greet me.

Instead, Liz led me to a gate. It opened, and I rushed in, bypassing Liz’s friends Jenny and Ryan and their dog, Alfie, and running straight into the house to investigate. This caused some excitement on the part of Alfie, the resident Norwich Terrier, so we all had to go inside so we could meet properly.

I love going to visit people! Liz and I had our own room and she had brought my bed. Mostly, I did not sleep on it. This is how Liz found me at 6 am:

Ready for action! Liz did not want to get up yet. So I just sat there, looking pathetic:

This is my best “Please please can you just let me out of here??” look.

Finally, she did. Alfie and I went a little crazy for a while.

He is younger than me, but I try to keep up. I don’t think he knew what to make of me because of the funny noises I make. I don’t bark, but I make a lot of snorting and loud breathing noises! All that playing tires me out! And it was only 10 am…

Alfie had an appointment at the groomer’s, so we dropped him off and then Liz, her friends and I headed off for a few hours of wine-tasting.

It was a pretty hot day. I wasn’t allowed inside (even though I like wine very much!) so they took turns waiting with me outside.

I took the opportunity to have a quick snack and a roll around.

The grass was very cool and refreshing! When the humans were finished with their wine tastings, we got back in the nice air-conditioned car and drove to Los Olivos.

Liz, Jenny and Ryan sat down to a really nice meal (I did not get any, and had to just sit on the floor while they enjoyed everything!)

So unfair. But the people at the table next to us were great dog-lovers. They told us they have a pug named Scallywag so of course they liked me. You see, many people who like pugs also like frenchies, and vice-versa. So even though I was being basically ignored by my traveling companions, these nice people took the time to pet me and pay me lots of attention throughout the meal.

After lunch, we went back to the house for a nice long nap.

The next day, Liz left me with Alfie while she went out for a while. In fact she was up to no good. She ended up kidnapping an innocent dog (but more on that later)!

The house was set up very nicely for us. Alfie and I could play and go outside in the yard. I don’t get to do that at home because I have to go downstairs to go in the yard, or Liz has to open the door for me to go outside on the patio.

It was fun! When Liz and Jenny returned home, they found us resting peacefully.

Before we left, Liz took me downtown for a quick sightseeing trip. I met some of Santa Barbara’s citizens, who were very friendly to me, of course.

Then we went on a little walk before heading home!

I was very tired after that weekend of excitement and once we got home I passed out on the office rug for the rest of the day and then slept even more than usual for the next few days. I guess I’m not as young as I once was…but anyway, usually I sleep most of the day and night so what do you expect with all that activity? I had some serious catching up to do!

But in all I am a very good traveler and Liz says we may go back to Santa Barbara again soon!

San Diego Pug Party

I had such an exciting week last week, I didn’t know what to tell you about first. I know you are all waiting anxiously to hear about my time in Santa Barbara, but this past weekend I went to a pug party for Pug Rescue of San Diego where I got to meet the artist Melissa Langer of Pugnotes! It was so exciting and I know she is going to post about this too,so I thought the Santa Barbara trip could wait a few more days…

I really liked her, as you can see! I have mentioned her before. She is the one who made the crochet pug that I was not allowed to eat. Unfortunately her friend Emmitt could not attend this time. But I got to meet plenty of other pugs!

A pack of pugs.

A pug in a nice outfit. (Thank God I did not have to dress up for this event!)

This pug was named Elvis and he was very old. He was just enjoying the ride in his little stroller.

A prizewinning pug. She had on a ribbon, for what I’m not sure, but she had won “honorable mention”. That is Melissa’s art in the background.

Liz thought this pug was the cutest one ever! He was very sleepy and floppy and his mom was carrying him around like a little baby. His name was Cornwallis. His mom said he is blind so his first homes didn’t want him (can you imagine??) but now he has a forever home and it looks like the best place for him!

It was so fun to meet Melissa and her sister Melanie and see all the art. I made some new human friends too, like this one:

What can I say, the ladies love me!

All this attention and excitement made me very sleepy, though.

When we got home, I passed out for the rest of the day–I did not even eat my dinner!

My Overwhelming Cuteness

Sometimes, Liz can’t pass through the room without stopping to hug and pet me.

It’s pretty much a daily occurrence, but when you see this:

can you blame her?

It usually happens several times a day and sometimes she even threatens to eat me! I’m sure she doesn’t mean it though since it hasn’t happened yet. Do your humans do this to you too?

Dinner at Kristin & Henrik’s

Kristin and Henrik are some friends of ours. One night they invited us over for dinner. They don’t have any pets, so they like me to visit too.

Kristin has a special technique of massaging me. Liz always laughs at me because I get a very funny look on my face when Kristin does this and I start to fall over.

Unfortunately, on this evening I had also had a different food than usual, and I guess I was a little too relaxed because everyone kept exclaiming about my toxic smells. How embarrassing…I don’t usually have that problem at all!

After dinner, Kristin invited Jon and Liz to try out this machine her mom bought her. It is supposed to oxygenate your blood and energize you:

First Jon tried:

Then Liz:

I thought they looked very funny lying there on the floor! Afterwards they both said their knees hurt! Silly humans!

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