A New Addition

Well, I can finally tell you the rest of my big news that I hinted at recently.

There is going to be a new addition to our household!

Of the human variety…

photo via KamranM at flickr

I do like kids a lot. But whenever I hear a baby cry, Liz says I act very strangely. So she is wondering how I will like having one in the house. She says I will still be her baby…

Frenchie Sighting at “The Selby”

Have you heard of The Selby? It is a site showcasing the work of photographer Tom Selby, who takes wonderful pictures of people and their homes. Full of inspiration!

Liz spotted this photograph in the home of Mark and Ian:

I wonder who he is?

New Illustration

Well, I have been noticing a lot of moustache action lately. Have you?

So I suggested to Liz that for her next drawing of me, she add one to my face. It’s just like a different version of my whiskers, in a way.

Prints available in my etsy shop.

Meet Claude

I don’t think I need to explain why I had to share this photo with you:

photo via abh75 at flickr

This is Claude, isn’t he adorable? His mom, Alicia, created this series of photos in honor of Bastille Day.

Liz says it is pure genius. Alicia made his outfit and everything!

I am not so sure about the clothing…you know how I feel about dressing up. I hope Liz is not getting any ideas!

Parker’s 1st Birthday

The other week, I was invited to attend an exclusive soiree. This was to celebrate Parker’s first birthday. Of course I accepted!

There isn’t much that I love more than a good party.

I got to meet and play with some new friends, too. Here is Sprout:

This is the best picture Liz could get out of like 20 pictures of him. He just would not hold still!

This little lady received a lot of attention from us boys:

She was the only female there!

Buster went, too, but as I may have mentioned before, he is somewhat anti-social to other dogs. Here he is telling Parker to get lost:

We got to eat cupcakes. I was very excited about that, of course!

So was Parker.


After that we opened presents. Parker got more presents than his humans got on their birthdays!

James fed us all waaay too many treats. Delicious!

I can’t wait to go to another party. What do you think? Do you like to host or attend doggy birthday parties?

Dog Tired

Well, speaking of relaxation…sometimes, I get so tired, this happens:

And mean Liz takes pictures and laughs!

A Walk in The Park

Well, apologies again for the long delay in writing. There has been even more going on than I can even tell you about just yet! It has been crazy.

For one thing, that house I showed you last time, is not going to be my new house after all. It fell out of escrow in this crazy real estate market because it did not appraise.

But not to worry! Liz & Jon had a new offer accepted, and this house (it’s a condo actually) is 2 blocks from this beach!

photo via tallcj at flickr

I love the beach. I haven’t seen this house, but when I do, I will show it to you. I think I will wait to make sure it is going through this time though. Don’t want to disappoint you again!

Anyway, to clear my mind during this tumultuous time, I have been taking long walks in the park near my house. It is my favorite place to go whenever I get to go out.

I always meet loads of people and there are always friends to play with. This last time, I met a new one:

He was super nice. He was rescued by our neighbors from a man who wasn’t taking care of him. Now his life is fun and he gets to go to the park every day.

Of course I also made friends with his human family!

Nothing like a bit of relaxation to take your mind off things!

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