Frenchie Wall Decals

Liz found this while researching wall decals the other day and she thought you might like it:


I sure do!  It comes in about 17 different colors and is 22 euros at paristic.  Look under “Animaux”.  I think one of these would look really good in our place.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I am looking foward to eating some turkey dinner and spending time with the family who of course love to spend time with me.

I will be back next week with some new stockings to show you!

Cat Patrol

I have a confession to make.  I really do like cats.  If you so much as say the word to me, my ears stick up, my eyes bug out and I start running around looking for them.  They are so much fun to chase!

Unfortunately, this has gotten me into a few scrapes over the years–literally.  But I do not care!  I just go crazy for cats.  Unless they don’t run.  There is one at our vets office who could care less about dogs.  Whenever I see him, I sniff him, maybe give him a little lick and then ignore him completely because he just sits there.

Our new neighborhood is great for finding cats.  Here I am on my morning walk, keeping a good lookout.  I have my “cat patrol” ears on:


I looked in this yard but didn’t see any:


But then, we walked past a certain yard.  Do you see what I see?


Straight ahead…I think he sees me!


I tried to get closer:


But then he made a run for it!


Too bad!  I would have liked to catch up with him and say hi!  Oh well, I guess there is always tomorrow…

Shop Update!

I’m sorry I was m.i.a. this week but I was very busy entertaining visitors and working on an exciting project for my etsy shop!

And here at long last is the first-ever Henri Hopper Pet Christmas Stocking!  Can you believe I came up with this design back in 2000…and have been bugging Liz to make it ever since.  And she has only finally done it! She said it took her that long to finally learn to sew.


This one is perfect for someone named Fifi, I think…Liz is going to make me my own but I am still working on picking out fabrics.


I can’t wait to see what I receive in it!

More stockings will be added to the shop next week.  Liz and I will be working on them tomorrow.  Of course,  I will keep you posted.  Have a great weekend!

A Walk at Sunset

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I love my walks.  They are my favorite part of my days!  Seriously, all Liz has to do is say the word and I start dancing around the house like a crazy dog.

This weekend we went down to the beach at the end of Seacoast Avenue and had a lovely walk at sunset with our friends who were visiting.  I wanted to take a picture of me with them, but Liz forgot.  So here I am on the beach instead:


Isn’t it strange how instead of red eye, dogs in flash photos get green eye?  I think I look a little posessed here…and also in this one, only now my eyes are red:


This one is a bit more flattering:


After the photo shoot I was finally free to run into the night!  And I did:


How was your weekend?  I hope you had a nice one, too!

In My Bed

Can you spot me?


I love to lay in my bed underneath the cover.  It is very snuggly especially after a bath.  It is also a good place to keep my favorite lobster toy and my nylabone.

Liz & Jon think I need a new bed, but I like this one!  It is a Cozy Cave by Snoozer pet beds.

Picking Wallpaper

You know, my handsome looks are not the only thing I have going for me.  I am also a very helpful dog.  I mentioned a few months ago we are going to have a new addition to our family, and Liz is working on some decorating schemes for his room.  (He must be really special, because I don’t even have my own room!)  So I decided I would help her with her wallpaper selections:


Hmmm…which one is best??  The papers in this selection are called All of Us, Aquatic, and Dead Trees, all by Pottok and available at Walnut Wallpaper in L.A.  I am laying completely on top of London Toile, but that one is not for the baby’s room so it doesn’t matter anyway.


What?  Of course Liz finds this very helpful!

Did You Vote Today?

I did!


And I hope you will too!

A Sweet Shrimp for Halloween

Did you all have a Happy Halloween?  I hope so!

I did, and luckily Liz spared me and I didn’t have to dress up this year.  But I do have a funny frenchie in a costume to show you.  Do you remember Claude?  Well, his mom Alisha is obviously a very talented costume-maker, because this is what she came up with:

He is a sweet shrimp sushi!  His expression is exactly what I would be feeling too, if I was wearing that, but since it isn’t me I can agree with Liz’s assessment that he looks adorable! Don’t you think so?

Did you dress up for the holiday?  If so I would like to see your pictures!

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