Just for A Laugh…

I know I said I was going to take a blogging break over the holidays, but I had to show you this little video Alisha, Claude’s mom, made:


I’m in it, and if you feel like laughing, click here!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah or whatever holiday you might like to celebrate around now!  I also want to wish you a very happy and healthy 2009.


Do you think I look happy about being forced to dress up as an elf?


In the past, there have been reindeer antlers, visits to Santa’s photo booth and other torturous incidents, but this year’s pictures definitely turned out better than ever.  Or so Liz says.

Personally, I’m not sure.  All I know is that I am quite accommodating–I did get about 20 treats out of this photo session, though, so it wasn’t all bad!

See you again after the holidays!

A Holiday Party

Last week I was lucky to be invited to a party!  Imagine…this is actually the first holiday party where my attendance has been specifically requested.  Liz’s friend Jeri has a little shih tzu named Swasey and they wanted us to finally meet.


She was wearing her Christmas jingle bell collar specially for the occasion and she looked very beautiful.  She was quite friendly and wanted to play:


but I just wanted to sniff around the house a bit.  I get very nosy in a new place, you see.  I found where she keeps all her toys, and proceeded to get them out and chew on them.


I like to make myself right at home!   So after I had finished removing Snoopy’s nose, I proceeded to lay down and take a little snooze.  There’s really nothing I like more than to sleep in front of a nice fire.  When we lived in England I used to do it all the time.


My sleep was soon interrupted, however, by the arrival of another guest!


Swasey’s friend Gizmo had also been invited to the festivities, so I roused myself and we played around the house for a little while.

Then I got to try on the special Christmas collar:


In all it was a wonderful party!

Of course you know what I did when I got home though…all of that celebrating tired me out!


My Weekend Away

Sometimes I just feel the need to get away from it all, you know?  The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be overwhelming and it’s nice to just take some time out for oneself.  Don’t you think so?

I was excited when I overheard Liz talking to Jon about taking me to stay with them in their hotel downtown while they went to Jon’s Christmas party.


The hotel just opened about a week beforehand, and I thought I would be able to sleep in a nice new king-sized bed, sit at the window overlooking the bay, maybe even have a dip in the hot tub.

Well, I guess the “pet-friendly” hotel had a non-refundable pet “deposit” that meant really they would have to pay for me to stay.  And for what they wanted, Liz says I should have got my own bed.  Doesn’t she know that I’m worth it?!?

So instead I got sent to my aunties’ house for the weekend. 🙁  I like my aunties but my cousins are kind of another story.  You may remember Buster, the chihuahua who hates me.  Come to think of it, my cousin Edgar hates me too.  But I will admit I do antagonize him sometimes.  He is a cat and you know how I feel about cats!  On top of these characters, there is a new part-time addition to the household and I really don’t know what to make of him.  His name is Amico, and he is a puppy who is already twice my size.  He spends half his time growling at me, and the rest of the time licking my face off!


No matter what I do, he just won’t leave me alone!


So, I spent my “holiday” trying to avoid him, Edgar’s random attacks from underneath chairs and going up stairways, and then to top it all off, when my auntie Em finally let me in her bed to sleep, just as I was getting comfy her boyfriend booted me out for “snoring”!!  I guess he is a man of double standards because he snores much louder than I do!

So much for my relaxing weekend plans…I got home and went straight onto my bed to sleep!  It took me all of Monday to recover…how was your weekend??

I’m In A Gift Guide!

Melissa at PugNotes was kind enough to let me know that one of my artworks was featured in a guide for pet lovers on etsy yesterday!


Can you see henri repeats in the middle towards the bottom?  This is so super exciting!

Thanks again Melissa and thanks etsy!

And The Winner Is…

I’m so sorry this is late!  Liz was out all weekend (and so was I!) and we did not have time to post!  We are excited to announce though, that the winner of last week’s giveaway is…

Linda O’Neill from the wonderful Abby Creek Art!


We hope you enjoy your tags, Linda!

However, I think all the commenters deserve a prize, so if you just email me your addresses to henri@henrihopper.com, I will get them out to you right away!  Oh and Khris if you would rather have frenchies, just say and I will send frenchies instead!



Puggy Gift Tags

I know there are quite a few pug-lovers who lurk around this blog, so here’s a little something just for you!  Puggy gift tags!


Liz was inspired by these cute birdy ones at wrenandchickadee.  She made one for a friend, and then was inspired to make more because they are such fun to make!


Frenchie ones are in the works, of course, but these are available now in my etsy shop.  I also thought we should give a set away just for fun!  So, if you leave a comment below, I will use the randomizer to pick a winner on Friday.

Happy commenting!

How Was Your Weekend?

Did you all have a nice long weekend?  I hope so!  I certainly did.

For Thanksgiving I went to Liz’s mom’s house.  There were many people there to pet me and give me all the attention I crave.  And of course the food…I ate some turkey and potatoes.  Yum!

It was a beautiful day, sunny and cool so of course there was the obligatory photo session:


Liz felt I looked very handsome amongst all the leaves.


I guess I’d agree!

It was also my birthday this weekend.  I turned 9 years old on November 29!  Can you believe it?  I know I can’t…at least I’m not really showing it.  Yes, I don’t run around for as long as I used to.  But my light fur hides any white hairs I may have and I still love to play.

This year, Liz & Jon had a party at their house on my birthday.  It was like a combination party where people came to look at their new house and also since it was my birthday, they had cupcakes (only I didn’t get any).

But I am so lucky, I did get some new toys!


You can see behind me where I keep my toys in that little alcove.  Well, Liz keeps them there, I like to get them out and I don’t put them back!

Michelle, Travis, Alana & Aislynn got me a new green lobster.  It is just like one I used to have that was my absolute favorite–till I ripped it to shreds.  Jodi & Kevin got me this cute turtle tennis ball.  As you can see if you look closely I have already begun to take the smile off his face…And another lobster that makes a watery sound that Liz & Jon got me.  I love them all and have been playing with them continuously since the party.

What did you do this weekend?  I’d love to hear about it!

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