Snacks from The Sea

Sometimes, when I go walking on the beach, I find a tasty little piece of seaweed that I just cannot resist!


I always choose this kind to have a little chew on.  It is kind of rust colored, with little balls along it that have leaves attached to them.  The balls pop when you crunch them!


My collar started to fall off, but this did not deter me for long!


I just continued without it!  Actually, I do not swallow any of this seaweed.  I just like to bite it and rip it to shreds.


Once that was accomplished, I was ready to continue my walk, with a little bit of a sandy face!  Maybe to find more seaweed scraps to chew on, or sniff at old mussel shells…there is so much to do at the beach!

Waiting for Baby

You know I am about to get a little brother right?  A human one.

I make sure I take good care of Liz while we are waiting for the baby.  I watch them all the time.  I even help to keep them warm when it is cold…


It is a little dark but can you tell I am in there, snuggling the baby?  Liz thinks I am so cute!

Goodbye Little Painting!

I received some exciting news over the holiday period.  Two of Liz’s paintings of me sold!

One of them was on display at my friend’s fabulous dog spa, Biscuit Magoo, in Staten Island, New York:


and this one was for sale in the etsy shop:


I didn’t get to help pack the first one up, but I did help with the second.  It was hard to say goodbye, but I know it was going to a good home!

I made Liz put a little surprise in the back:


Do you think she will like it?

I’m Finally Back!

Hello everyone and Happy 2009 to you!  I hope you all had a great holiday season.  Can you believe we are already heading into the end of January?  Wow, time flies…

Well, I don’t know about you but I had a very nice Christmas and New Year.  Here is a little glimpse into how I spent most of my time.

With my Auntie Emily:


with Jon:


with my great-grandpa Mark:


with my Grammy:


with my Auntie Irene:


I did wake up periodically to partake in some of the festivities.  Do you remember Kristin?  She came over one evening and gave me another of her famous massages:


Then for New Year’s we had some family come to stay with us–Jon’s cousin Matt and his girlfriend Erin, who are doing an exciting around-the-world trip, made a stop in San Diego!  I hung out with them on New Year’s Eve:


But I didn’t make it till midnight.


Matt kept thinking it was amusing to play tricks on my while I was trying to sleep:


Yeah very funny.  Can’t he see that I already have my own set of bunny ears??


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