Stella’s Haircut

This is tooo cute not to share!  Henri’s friend Stella got a haircut, which happens to be the most awesome haircut we have ever seen on a doggy.  Stella’s mom is a talented hairdresser, so when Stella got her head stuck between some porch railings this week and had to be oiled out of her predicament, necessitating a mega-grooming session, this was the result:


Isn’t it fabulous??

By the way, I’m pretty sure this post could get me shut down under the proposed bills PIPA and SOPA, which are up for voting in Congress January 24.  Please, please make your voice heard on this important matter by calling or emailing your representatives and spreading the word!  A good place to start is here.

Thank you!

Where The Art Goes

It’s so much fun seeing your artwork go out into the world and really, I feel like that in itself is reward enough.  So when someone takes the time to share with me why they bought the artwork, or who it reminds them of, or how it looks in their home- well, it’s just extra special and I love it!

Today I discovered this awesome collage thank you that Lauren made, featuring her dog, who happens to look an awful lot like Henri.  Don’t you think?

It’s so great!  Thanks for sharing, Lauren!

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