A Tuesday with Parker

So last week I promised to share with you more of my adventures with Parker. I hadn’t seen him in a few months until yesterday, and he is taller than me now, though much skinnier. We got on smashingly. Now that he is big enough we can play. When he was little I had to be more careful with him.

We decided to take some pictures in front of my house:

Just kidding, that’s not really my house, Liz would never go for these hideous awnings!

Honestly, I find photo shoots so BORING; I would rather just eat grass (and I do!)

Parker’s not too keen on them either, but I told him you just have to go with it!

Then who knows, you might at least get a little treat out of it, or a scratch.

We ended up getting a walk all over the park. And believe me when I say we were tired little pups when we got home! Parker passed out on the couch:

And I squished myself into his bed:

It was just right, really…

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  1. Mika Boo says:

    Oh Henri,
    what a lovely day you had with your pal!
    Is he a french bulldog too?
    He kind of looks like a Boston Bull Terrier (is there such a dog?)
    You are so nice for someone who is almost famous.
    I just woke up now; my mom is doing her taxes, sigh, pout, she has been busy all day.
    It is snowing and icy here, snow advisory all day.
    We had 90 mile an hour winds on wednesday, it was very cold to go out to do my business and my mom was afraid I would blow away – she was humming this tune from “the wizard of oz” when I was outside!
    your blogs are fun to read; and I like looking at the pictures šŸ™‚
    Mika (Buster’s chi friend and Senor Pantalon’s nemesis…..he is very naughty but I really like him but don’t tell him hehehehe)

  2. lizlangley says:

    Hi Mika!
    yes Parker is a boston terrier. hope your mom got done with her taxes, liz still has to do hers but that means she has to go see the accountant (booring…)
    sorry you are in the snow! hope you are staying nice & warm.

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