My New Morning Walk

Well as you know I have moved to a new place.  I used to walk to the park, but now I have a new place to walk: the beach!

It is only a few blocks from my house.  Dogs are allowed on this part of the beach and usually, there is no one around so I can go without a leash!  I prefer this so I can sniff every single piece of seaweed and shell that I find.

You see?  No one!!  We could walk all the way to Coronado from here!  We don’t though, Liz says I would get too tired.

So with no one around I can get busy with my investigations.

I really love it here!

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  1. Nevis says:

    You’re super cute on the beach, Henri! Are you nude bathing??! 😛

  2. henri hopper says:

    Of course…skinny dipping is my preferred mode enjoying the water!

  3. irenie says:

    so cute, henri! buster and i will have to join you and liz for a morning walk sometime soon. 😀

  4. henri hopper says:

    yes, you should! jon is going to sf next week, so we should have a slumber party at my house!

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