Ice Cream for Dogs

Yesterday Frank came over, without Parker because he was at home with a stomach ache.  I was very excited to see him because it’s been a while!

He & Liz went out, leaving me at home. 🙁

But they did bring me back a little something–an ice cream for dogs.  I have to say, I like regular ice cream a little better, I think!  I didn’t finish this one so I still have some left.  But this was pretty good, especially because it is still quite hot here.

It is called Frosty Paws.  It comes in a cute little cup, but after Liz read the ingredients online, she said she thinks regular ice cream might be better for me.  Which is ok with me!  Have you tried these?

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  1. Melissa says:

    oooo ice cream for dogs! shhhhh don’t tell emmitt.

    i’ll never hear the end of it. after the first lick, i can hear it now…

    more, more, um more please…

    you are so cute henri!

    melissa & emmitt

  2. Khris says:

    Oh, how cute! Yeah, Hugo get ‘Dogzerts’ from the Schwanz guy-probably much like what you have there. Chicken flavored? So, it’s okay to give him ice cream? Let me know. I haven’t tried that with Hugo. I worry about ugh, you know, the runs. If Henri is good to go though, let me know!

    Send me an e-mail. I have a proposition for you….. Don’t worry, you won’t feel put on the spot or anything, I wouldn’t do that to ya. Oh, Henri, this part is for Liz….

    You’re the best, Liz. I love Henri’s blog!

  3. Khris says:

    that’s gets not get.

  4. irene says:

    buster likes those, but he hasn’t had any in a really long time!

  5. lizlangley says:

    Khris, I think it’s ok to give them a little ice cream once in a while if they are ok with dairy. H. has not had it often, but I have given him a couple of spoonfuls of Haagen Daaz with no ill effects before! He loved it!

    I will email you…:)

  6. Hi Henri…I’ve tried those but I have to tell you…Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream is the best ever. Mom let’s me lick her bowl when she has some. I want a bowl of my own sometime.
    Love, Maisie

  7. liz langley says:

    Maisie, I will have to try that flavor! It sounds delish!

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