A Day at Coronado

Yesterday Liz decided we should go to the beach. It is finally starting to be sunny and with daylight savings time, it feels very summery.

Of course I am always ready for a trip to the beach. It’s pretty much my favorite place, although the park is a close second.  Or any walk, really.

Here I am with the famous Hotel Del waaay in the background:

It was pretty hot but we decided to walk to the end of the beach because I like to do that. I met a few dogs along the way:

But I wasn’t feeling too playful. I’m a bit discriminating when it comes to other dogs. Usually I like other smushy faced dogs, and I tend to like girls better than boys. There are exceptions of course, and Liz has never been able to figure me out completely.  I’m just more of a people dog.

So we kept walking, towards Point Loma:

That is it in the distance. This is one of Liz’s favorite beaches in all of San Diego. Maybe you can see why.

I like to walk to the end, where the beach becomes a military-only beach, to sniff around the rocks down there.

I have sneaked across a few times, but the guard finds me so charming I don’t get into trouble. Only with Liz!

And then we headed back! It was a lovely and relaxing time.

Of course, when we got back I had to face a bath. But now I’m nice and clean, and snuggling in my bed:

And quite frankly I’m ready for Liz to stop taking pictures of me!

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  1. Nevis says:

    Ahh…sometimes I really miss living in SD. I grew up in Rancho Penasquitos, actually. Spent alllll my summers out at Torrey Pines beach.

  2. Nevis says:

    Oh, and rather than finding a bowl that big for Henri – why not find a laundry basket? Trash can (a clean one, of course), hamper? Sleeping bag? Something like that.

  3. lizlangley says:

    PQ!! I’m from La Mesa originally & grew up near SDSU. Moved away, never to return…but then moved back 4 years ago! Yeah, sometimes it’s pretty nice here. But then, it can’t be too bad where you are either!

  4. Nevis says:

    Yeah, I graduated from Mt. Carmel High School in ’95. My parents still live there so I visit frequently actually. My Mom lives in San Marcos now, and my dad in Murrieta. I guess that’s more north county. Still nice, though.

    Yeah, I really like it here in Alabama/Georgia (live on the boarder). It’s BEAUITIFUL and the people are SOO nice and geniune.

  5. pugnotes says:

    Hi Henri!
    You and Liz are so lucky to be able to go to Coronado! It is so beautiful! I am going to be in San Diego May 1 – 5th with my sister. Coronado is definitely on the itinerary!
    🙂 Melissa

  6. 4urpets says:

    I could NEVER live in San Diego. I would never get any work done and my employer would fire me and I would be on unemployment forever.

    My favorite place in San Diego is Old Town San Diego. Hey, I think when it warms up, I’m going to take the Amtrak down there.

  7. lizlangley says:

    Yeah, I do notice no one ever really seems to work around here. When I go out in the middle of the day, everyone else is out too!

  8. JJSESQ says:

    You know…seeing those photos….sometimes I think NYC is overrated.

    A lovely day at the beach. Thanks for giving us a taste of it.


    P.S. By the way Henri…I tend to like girls better than boys too. I think that just shows you have good judgment.

  9. goodbear says:

    great pictures! you’re a very special dog henri!

  10. ooo what a pretty beach! That looks like such a lovely day out.. we have a beach kind of close to us, but it is hard to get to, since mummy doesnt drive.. the pic of you at the end all snuggled up, is adorable! aaww!


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