My Jogging Suit

I thought you might like to see another picture of me dressed up:This was way back in about 2000. I was young and even slimmer then. But as you can see, I was not happy about this outfit either. Again, due to my chestiness, it was too tight.When I got outside, I took my revenge by plopping down on the sidewalk and refusing to walk any further!It wasn’t as bad as when Liz used to make me wear snow shoes. To be fair, my feet used to bleed from the salt and snow on the sidewalk. So she got me shoes. She used to laugh at me a lot when I tried walking in them with my legs all stiff (I never could figure it out!) and especially when I used to try (unsuccessfully) to shake them off.Liz says she is sorry she never got a picture of that. I’m just glad she doesn’t still have those shoes, because she probably would try to get a picture for you now!

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  1. 4urpets says:


    I must know who your couturier is. I would love dress Jonesy and Tinky (sissy is too fluffy) as well as you are dressed.

    I would have loved to see a picture of you and your shoes.

  2. pugnotes says:

    hi henri!
    we love the jogging suit!
    you make us smile!
    🙂 Melissa and Emmitt

  3. JJSESQ says:

    I fear we were all younger and slimmer back in 2000 Henri. It’s just the way time goes…

    You did look adorable back then – but you look even better now.

    The next time I don’t want to go somewhere I’m going to try that “plop down on the sidewalk and refuse to move” trick and I’ll let you know if it works for me…I fear it will not, as you are cuter than me and people are thus more likely to forgive you for behavior of that kind.


  4. goodbear says:

    ok…clearly you aren’t digging your fashion consultant! maybe you should start out with a classic and understated bandana?

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