Meet Emmitt

Today Liz called me in the yard to meet a new friend. His name is Emmitt, and he is made by the talented Melissa Langer. Here we are, getting introduced:
He smelled very nice. I tried to eat him at this point, but Liz said “No”, and made me sit down for a picture. Bo-ring!
Whatever, do I look like I care about him?
Just kidding! A surprise attack…and this little morsel is mine…
Not for long, unfortunately. So I gave up trying to chew him and rolled over so I could get my tummy rubbed. It always works. Liz made me work for it, though. I had to pose for another picture with my new “friend”:
Now he is sitting out of my reach on Liz’s desk. So much for that! Guess I will have to play with one of my other toys now…
But I may get to meet the real Emmitt soon anyway, because he is going to visit San Diego for a very special pug party this summer! How exciting!
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  1. Oh Henri…you silly boy! If you decide you don’t want to eat Melissa’s pug toy…you can send it on to Maisie. She loves to eat toys!

  2. pugnotes says:

    Hi Henri and Liz!
    Oh! Your post made my day! Emmitt is honored to be your friend Henri!
    πŸ™‚ Melissa

  3. goodbear says:

    i LOVE the last shot. you know how to work it!

  4. pugnotes says:

    Hi Henri!
    Emmitt and I blogged about you and your mom today…
    We are so excited about Green Henri!
    πŸ™‚ m & e

  5. 4urpets says:


    What a great little friend that was sent to you. That last pick of you is too much! Don’t you get an urge to lick the camera at that close a range?

  6. Ruth Welter says:

    Henri is too cute…I found my way here from Melissa’s site. I just love French Bulldogs, they are so adorable. I have 3 Shih Tzus myself and they are bunch of funny little, hairy dogs. I have to go take a peek at your lovely artwork now.

  7. pugnotes says:

    Hi Henri and Liz!
    I am just popping by to wish you a great weekend!
    πŸ™‚ Melissa

  8. Aww what a sweet new toy! We saw you on the real Emmitts blog too! Famous Henri! xx

  9. 4urpets says:


    I have a new blog at blogspot. I have something for you there at


  10. […] really liked her, as you can see! I have mentioned her before. She is the one who made the crochet pug that I was not allowed to eat. Unfortunately her friend Emmitt could not attend this time. But I […]

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