Snacks from The Sea

Sometimes, when I go walking on the beach, I find a tasty little piece of seaweed that I just cannot resist!


I always choose this kind to have a little chew on.  It is kind of rust colored, with little balls along it that have leaves attached to them.  The balls pop when you crunch them!


My collar started to fall off, but this did not deter me for long!


I just continued without it!  Actually, I do not swallow any of this seaweed.  I just like to bite it and rip it to shreds.


Once that was accomplished, I was ready to continue my walk, with a little bit of a sandy face!  Maybe to find more seaweed scraps to chew on, or sniff at old mussel shells…there is so much to do at the beach!

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  1. melissa says:

    Hi Henri!
    you are such a lucky puppy to get to walk on the beach! emmitt says he would love to eat seaweed too!

    your mom is a great photographer! we feel like we are there too.

    m & e

  2. irene says:

    you are so cute! 😀

  3. Khris says:


    These are the times that I am reminded that you are indeed, a canine. LOL. However, I have never tried seaweed so I could be missing out. : )

    You’re adorable. I enjoyed your photos and I never take your posts for granted. LOL.


  4. Holly Hanks says:

    Oh, Henri… you always make me smile. I hope you enjoyed your beach sushi!

  5. Hi Henri…Maisie likes to do that too. She especially likes to tear up the plastic from the morning paper!

    Congrats to you on your new baby brother. xox!

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