My Winter Getaway

My blog has been quiet lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to much!  I’m hoping to be able to fill you in now that Liz has a little more time to spend helping me out with my blogging again.

This winter, when Noah was about a month old, I went on a mini-vacation to Palm Springs.  Here I am with my traveling companion, Ken.  He is Liz’s father-in-law and we have many memories of good times together when I lived in England.  I used to snuggle up with him in front of the fire, chase his cats…ah, those were some wonderful times!


Once in the car, I ride shotgun, of course:


I like to get settled in and comfortable.  Luckily Ken is very obliging:


At rest stops, I get in the driver’s seat to keep an eye on things:


And here I am at our lodgings, the Caliente Tropics Resort.


They allow dogs there, so it was a great choice.  Liz says the rooms are ok, and the pool was very nice.  I spent most of my time just sleeping in the a/c, and venturing out for walks once night fell.  It is very warm in Palm Springs, you know.

On our way back home, we drove through the Anza-Borrego desert.  Here I am in Borrego Springs.  Everyone else had lunch; all I got was a potty break!


It was wildflower season and we wanted to have a look at the flowers in bloom.  I don’t see any!  Oh wait, is that one under my paw?


That’s about all we found.  A slight disappointment, but still it was a beautiful place:


On our way home, we stopped for a treat in the mountain town of Julian:


Is that an apple pie I smell in there??  Yum!

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  1. Nevis says:

    Mmm! Apple Pie from Julian? I haven’t had that in ages. I used to stop at the Old Telephone Company for breakfast in Ramona whenever going out to Anza-Borrego to hike. (You know I’m from Rancho Pensquitos, right?)

  2. pugnotes says:

    hi henri!
    oh what a wonderful vacation! we love seeing you and all of the photos!
    m & e

  3. lizlangley says:

    Hello Nevis! Yes, I remember you are a San Diego native! We have never tried that place you mentioned. Will have to stop there next time! Ramona is a cute little place!

  4. Yay…your back! I’ve missed you, Henri! Luv, Maisie

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