Pug Party 2009

Another thing I did while I was away from this blog: my 2nd visit to the annual San Diego Pug Party!  I was so excited to see the other dogs and sniff around but most of all to see my friends, Melissa of PugNotes and her sister Melanie!

Of course, they were excited to see me and meet Noah.  Melanie had made Noah this cute bear:


Isn’t it adorable?  She makes them from recycled sweaters and they are so cute and cuddly.  She will even make them out of your own sweater!  You can find them in her etsy shop.

That’s Liz with Melissa there by the way.  Melissa had set up her booth and there were so many cute things!  It was hard to choose but we got Noah this cute bib too:

Picture 40

Here is Noah checking things out while Jon & Melissa got caught up:


Of course, I had to check out the other dogs.  Like last year, there were many pugs in costumes.  Here is a little lady looking cute in her dress:


And this guy was dressed as a French Bulldog:


Upon further investigation, I realize he is a Frenchie!  The French Bulldog rescue had a booth there.  I guess puggies don’t discriminate.


Many pugs were just relaxing and enjoying themselves.  Like these two.  That cream one must have had a really hard day!


Whoops, looks like Liz forgot to take any pics of me!  Here is one we “borrowed” from Melissa’s original post.  We know she won’t mind!  I know you need your Henri Hopper fix. 🙂

Picture 41

She has loads of great pictures of the party, you might as well go take a look at her original post and check out her blog too while you’re at it!  It showcases her creative work and the adventures of our puggy friend, Emmitt!  They’re always up to fun things, go say hello and tell them we sent you.

See you soon…

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6 Comments on “Pug Party 2009”

  1. Nevis says:

    Great pics! Love the bib! Sometimes I wish I still lived in SD so I could go to these things!

  2. lizlangley says:

    maybe there is a pug party near you!

  3. melissa says:

    hi liz!
    oh you are so sweet! the highlight of our trip was that we got to see you, henri, noah and jon!

    m & e

  4. Khris says:

    I love Noah’s hat! What a cutie! You look pretty as ever.

    OMG, loved the picture of that white pug. Adorable.

    Hello, Henri! Nice to see you, sweet baby.

  5. Khris says:

    Pugs are awesome, btw. We love them too. We have a pair out here, one is black and the other fawn. Someday in the distant (distant, distant-I’m not a hoarder : ) future, I hope to adopt a pug.

  6. Khris says:

    Ha, one more thing, Liz. The picture of Noah smiling is one of the cutest baby pictures I’ve ever seen in my life!!!!

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