My Hiding Place

Sometimes I like to hide in unusual places. This is where Liz found me the other day:

Under the desk, behind the filing cabinet. It’s one of my favorite spots.

The first time I ever went in there I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t come out when they called me. Liz and her neighbors were searching everywhere–down at the park, around the block, and I was in the house the whole time!

Now Liz knows I like to go in there, but she doesn’t know why. See those ridiculous wires everywhere? Liz hates them, but I think it’s fun to find my way through them and back into my little corner, where I am safe from the world…

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  1. 4urpets says:

    Henri, a man’s gotta have a place he can call his own and to be able to get away from the world once in awhile.

    You really should find another spot so Liz can’t find you.

  2. pugnotes says:

    Hi Henri!
    You are so cute! Emmitt does that too when he tucks in behind the space heater. Wires, heaters, no problem!
    🙂 m & e

  3. Jenny says:

    I can’t wait to see you Henri. Its been too long. I’m going to cuddle you super hard!

  4. JJSESQ says:

    You really can’t win in this situation Henri. If you stay out in the open – she tries to dress you in denim jackets. When you find a hideout – she gets in a panic and sends out a search party or , even worse, tries to put a pillow back there so it’s more comfortable (missing the point entirely – which is for you to have a place to “rough it” and feel like an Ernest Hemmingway type).

    Women. Can’t live with them…can’t live without them.


    P.S. You do look cool with all the wires around you. Very hi-tech. I imagine you must feel like Neo from The Matrix or something when you’re in there. Women just don’t GET the appeal of this kind of stuff.

  5. It’s like a little labyrinth in there, Henri…looks like fun to me!

  6. irenie says:

    buster is definitely not smart enough to find a place like this to hide from me! he will never find you there!

  7. goodbear says:

    great hiding place. i might recommend a zip tie for liz if the cords bother her…but if you like them, they should stay.

  8. lizlangley says:

    believe me, liz has organized the cords before…one time she spent an hour getting them all neatly arranged…and then her husband came in and destroyed it a few weeks later. it’s hopeless! now she’s thinking of a board or a curtain instead!

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