Soap for Dog Lovers

A few days ago Liz went to LA without me.

She said it was lots of fun anyway and wanted to share this photo with all you dog lovers:

Aren’t they cute? Apparently there are lots of fun things to see and do in LA! Unfortunately there wasn’t a frenchie soap. Perhaps I should let them know what they are missing…

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  1. Mimi the Pug says:

    So kewl ! It’s my first time seeing soap that represents each breed.

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi Henri!
    Yes! We should both tell them! I would get one too to remind me of you. Emmitt says he has the pug soap in the picture and it smells really good!
    🙂 m & e

  3. Nevis says:

    PUG SOAP!!! How awesome is that!?

  4. dish says:

    I stumbled on these cute soaps too and immediately looked for the Frenchie version but was sad to not find it. 🙁

    But they are indeed adorable.

  5. lizlangley says:

    yes, they are! do you have a Frenchie too?

  6. dish says:

    Well, an imaginary one for now. Mr. Pickles will be picked out and coming home after the wedding this summer. I was traveling so much in my previous position I didn’t think it was fair to have a pet. Once I knew I would be moving to Europe I decided to hold off even longer (that was tough!) as I didn’t want to have to quarantine a little guy for 1-6 months coming through customs. (it’s a little tricky moving pets overseas). So, maybe HH will have a long distance pen pal one day. 🙂

  7. henri hopper says:

    That’s so cool! I’m excited for you. Henri had to go through quarantine when we lived in England. 🙁 He stayed in the countryside and I visited him every week, but it would have been better if we hadn’t had to do that! So I know what you mean…looking forward to hearing about Mr. Pickles (that’s such a cute name!) one day!

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