Another Day at Coronado

After Liz finished getting her hair cut last week, we went over to Parker’s house and then to get some lunch:

Well, I should say Liz and Frank got lunch; me and Parker got to sit under the table and wait for scraps. Luckily, a bag of SunChips flew off the table, so I got to have a few extras.

Also, the lady at the deli gave Parker and me a Milk Bone. We had to share it, so Liz & Frank had to separate us while we ate. We have been known to have a few incidents over food, which Liz says are my fault. Once we got into a fight over a wind-up piece of sushi because I mistakenly thought it was edible…:(

You could see how that could happen, right?

After lunch, we got back in the car and drove down to Coronado. It was a lovely day. Parker immediately went crazy and started running around, and I did my usual routine of strolling down the beach on my own, peeing on every visible piece of seaweed. But then we all went for a little walk:

Frank gave me tummy rubs in the sand:

Parker met some poodles who were very unfortunately dressed (well, one of them was!)

Liz says that is “wrong”. I say, what is wrong about it? She is already a poodle. It is to be expected.

Frank told Parker he was running too wild, and made him be carried for a while:

Parker did not like this very much. He does not really like to have his picture taken. I told him, you have to just roll with it because our humans are crazy for pictures!

I am used to it and I happily pose (as long as I am not dressed in some outfit, then I do not like it!)

(See, Parker still looks sad)! We were visited by some new friends:

Unfortunately, I stepped on something I shouldn’t have and my paw started hurting a lot. Usually I’m very brave and Liz has a hard time telling if something is wrong with me. But I was limping and then I just laid down in the sand:

Frank tried to make me feel better by brushing me and giving me cuddles:

But it was still hurting a lot! So we decided to go home. Liz washed my paw at the doggie faucet and then we were ready to get in the car. I just had to sit by Parker– I was already starting to forget about my paw! Don’t we look cute sitting together in the back seat?

I can’t wait to go to the beach again!

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  1. sassycity says:

    They could NOT be cuter!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Mimi the Pug says:

    Hello Cute Parker and Handsome Henri, looks like you had a happiest time at the beach. Wish I can join you and be a beach bum – Licks from Mimi

  3. JJSESQ says:


    It’s a common mistake to think that sushi is edible. It’s colorful and looks like it should taste good. Don’t be hard on yourself about it.

    That was a GREAT post. Once again I must reiterate that Henri has a much cooler life than I do.


  4. lizlangley says:

    He has a much cooler life than most of us, I think! Lucky dog…

  5. goodbear says:

    i would be fine never seeing a poodle in a bikini again!

    see how cute you and parker are without silly beach clothes!? i’m glad you had a good day.
    sorry about your paw…

  6. lizlangley says:

    oh, thanks goodbear! my paw was feeling much better by the time we got home!

  7. Loved this post, Henri…and what a kick about the Poodle! Great pics of you and Parker. You’re quite the team!

  8. Nevis says:

    Totally adorable! πŸ˜›

  9. Hey Henri! We hope your paw is better? It looks like a lot of fun at the beach with Parker πŸ™‚ xxx

  10. pugnotes says:

    Hi Henri!
    Poor sweetie! I am so relieved to read that it felt much better by the time you got home. You are a brave doggie!
    We loved all of your pictures with Parker and Frank.
    We saw a few Frenchies at the Pet Expo and we told them all about you. We did not want to hurt their feelings so we did not tell them that you are absolutely the cutest Frenchie on the planet!
    m & e

  11. lizlangley says:

    well thanks Melissa! better not to make them feel bad…

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