Hello, My Name Is Henri Hopper.

Considered by many to be “the cutest dog ever”, Henri Hopper was born in Avinger, Texas to a brindle mother and a pied father.

He moved to Manhattan at 4 months of age. Henri took the city by storm—in a village full of French bullies, he never failed to stop traffic. In New York, he cultivated his love of squirrels, humans and gourmet cuisine, and his hatred of dog parks and snow shoes. He was a member of the Greenwich Village French Bulldog Association and dabbled in modeling.

After several trips to Europe, including many jaunts to Paris to discover his roots, he decided to move to England. It was lovely, but rainy, and in 2004 he returned to the US, this time to sunny San Diego, CA, where he intends to spend the rest of his days.

Henri enjoys eating, sleeping, playing at the beach, and being a constant source of inspiration to Liz.

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  1. 4urpets says:

    Henri Hopper is a cutie pie. Since he is French, do you pronounce his name ohn ree? Is his last name Hopper because he jumps up and down? He’s quite the traveler. Come stop by my blog and say, “Hi”.

  2. lizlangley says:

    Usually, we just pronounce it “Henry”. Unless it’s for effect. He is quite hoppy, and that’s part of it, but it also has to do with Edward Hopper and his mentor Robert Henri.

  3. Mika Boo says:

    Wow, what a traveling guy you are!
    You must have stopped over to visit my BFF Buster, he is fun and he is a chihuahua just like me 🙂
    I must say for a dog that’s NOT a chihuahua you have quite a handsome profile.
    Do you also paint?
    PS – please stop over at my site and leave a comment.

  4. Dawn says:

    This is an adorable post….I am in love with Henri!!xo

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