Some Unwelcome News

Hello everyone. Well today I am going to the vet for some surgery to have a mast cell tumor removed. We found out last week that’s what the funny little bump on my tummy was. 🙁

I want you to see it so that if you ever get anything like that, you can get it taken care of right away, since that’s important for a good outcome:

The only reason it’s red is because the vet stuck a needle in it to test it. Otherwise it was the same piglety pink color as my skin.

Here it is as it appears now, even smaller! When Liz first saw it, she thought it was just a new skin tag forming. Then it swelled up to about the size of an M&M (the plain kind). Liz thought this was weird but the next day it was gone and so she didn’t think anything of it until it happened to me again last week. Good thing she took me in! Mast cell tumors sometimes change in size a lot.

They can look different to mine too, and unfortunately are common in frenchies, other bulldogs, pugs, boxers and some other breeds (and even cats!), and allergies may play a role as well. The main thing is that if you get any bumps, go to the vet and get them checked out as soon as you can! You never know and Liz definitely never expected this.

Hopefully the surgery will be able to take care of it completely for me. I am also ramping up my healthy diet with more fresh foods, less grains and some supplements. Wish me luck today!

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9 Comments on “Some Unwelcome News”

  1. Pam says:

    Hi Liz and Henri,
    I was so sorry to hear about your mast cell tumor surgery. I am hoping all went well.
    I have been reading your blog since we met you in Los Olivos at a restaurant. My husband was in your picture petting you while we all ate.
    We are friends with Scallywag (the pug) parents. We have one dog Cinder (short for Cinderella) and our son’s dog Mack (short for Mack Truck) He is a pit bull and one big baby would describe him. He goes camping with Scallywag and walks with him, too.
    Thank you for your education of mast cell tumor.
    All the best, can’t wait till Henri writes about his “all clear” status. 🙂

  2. Lily says:

    Hugo (my Frenchie) has had two of those! Argh! One above his eye that we had removed and both surgeries went great and no bad news. Just thought we’d let Henri know what Hugo’s experience was to ease his mind a bit. It’ll probably be okay!

    If you see his picture on my blog and look over his eye, you’ll see his scar. He’s brindle though if he were like Henri, it probably wouldn’t show!

    Best wishes, Henri and Liz! We know how this feels Henri. Liz loves you-she’ll be there for you!

  3. Nevis says:

    Goodness!!! Well, I hope the surgery and everything associated with it goes well – I really do! We will keep you and Henri in our prayers. Please keep us all apprised of the outcome! xoxoxo – Nev, Poley & Ruki

  4. goodbear says:

    well henri, i’m sorry about your tumor and that you have to go to surgery. i’m so glad liz is taking such good care of you and taking you in right away.
    also, thanks for sharing the pictures of the mct. very thoughtful and helpful of you.

    rest up after surgery. hope to see you back here soon.

  5. Melissa says:

    oh henri!
    we are thinking of you. do not worry, emmitt had the exact same thing just this last december. we had it removed and are so glad we did because it turned out to be maglignant, but totally contained.
    Emmitt is 100% fine now and you will be too minus a bump. Your mom is so smart and gives excellent advice.
    m & e

  6. Hi Henri…don’t you worry. The doctor will have you fixed up in no time at all. Maisie and I send hugs and kissies your way. xox!

  7. goodbear says:

    how is your recovering coming along?

  8. lizlangley says:

    Thank you so much everyone for your well wishes! Henri is doing fine and I will post an update very soon.

  9. Nancy says:

    We are so glad Henri is feeling better after his surgery and as an added bonus, he has fresh breath! : ) Thank you so much for sharing this. I will look over my puggies carefully and watch for the signs. Please give Henri a hug from his Texas puggypals!
    Nancy and the fatties

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