My Cousin Edgar

You all remember my cousin Buster don’t you? Here he is chillin on the couch at my auntie’s house:

But I also have a cousin named Edgar.

Edgar is a cat. I like to chase cats! This is hard for me and Edgar, because he does not like to be chased or lunged at and I don’t understand why. It is so much fun!

Just yesterday I was at the park and I chased a kitty right up a tree! It was the fastest I’d moved in a week!

Whenever I get within 3 feet of Edgar he starts to make a funny singing sound. This helps me to locate him more accurately.

But I am never allowed to get as close as I like…

He is a dumb cousin. In fact so is Buster. None of my cousins will play with me!

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  1. irenie says:

    i’m really sorry i have such stupid pets, henri. (i agree.) you’re still welcome to come over to chase them whenever you want to.

  2. Nevis says:

    All cousins are dumb! (just kidding…in case I have any cousins reading this)

  3. Kathryn says:


    Buster is adorable, but Edgar doesn’t resemble either one of you. Was there a “kitty in the woodpile” somewhere.
    I know Edgar does all those things just for you to chase him. So go on….it’s alright….jump up and get him. heh heh

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