Not More Sewing…

Liz said you’re probably bored of hearing about me watching her and Kristin design and sew pillows, but she wanted to preview some of the new collections they are working on and also she said I am so cute that you would probably want to see another picture of me no matter what I am doing.

So here is the picture of me:

I am saying, “What, are you kidding me? More pictures of me waiting for you to get done sewing?”

And here are some of the things they are working on putting together:

They pretty much finished that collection. You will have to see it when it’s made up. It will be cool. And here is the next one they will be doing:

Or something like that. It usually changes a lot from this initial stage, but we’ll see! I will be sure to post more pictures when those are ready.

There are a few pillows that are finished that you haven’t seen yet, but the light was really bad that day so pictures did not get taken. Maybe by next week!

Another Day of Sewing

Liz & Kristin got together again this week to do some sewing. This is the 3rd time already I think. It’s not very exciting, but I do what I can to assist the process. Here I am helping Liz rip seams. She tried making the sewing machine go backwards, and apparently that doesn’t work! Check out my look of intense concentration:

I take this shizz seriously!

I know it’s my job to supervise these girls, but it’s really not that fun. They don’t listen to any of my design advice, and they don’t pet me as much as I would like, either. Liz even had the nerve to tell me to be careful not to drool on the silk! As if I would. I was just resting my chin.

You can see a couple of their finished pillows in the background there. Yeah, they’re cute, I guess!

Stay tuned. They will put them on Etsy soon, they told me. Maybe next week.

All this sewing is tiring though!

At least they were too distracted with sewing things to dress me up with trims this time! But I did have to wait ages for my dinner…


A Tuesday with Parker

So last week I promised to share with you more of my adventures with Parker. I hadn’t seen him in a few months until yesterday, and he is taller than me now, though much skinnier. We got on smashingly. Now that he is big enough we can play. When he was little I had to be more careful with him.

We decided to take some pictures in front of my house:

Just kidding, that’s not really my house, Liz would never go for these hideous awnings!

Honestly, I find photo shoots so BORING; I would rather just eat grass (and I do!)

Parker’s not too keen on them either, but I told him you just have to go with it!

Then who knows, you might at least get a little treat out of it, or a scratch.

We ended up getting a walk all over the park. And believe me when I say we were tired little pups when we got home! Parker passed out on the couch:

And I squished myself into his bed:

It was just right, really…

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