Shop Update

So excited to share this with you this morning!  I just finished this little portrait of a fawn french bulldog and it’s available in the shop today.

Love This Painting

Love this painting by blackspecs on etsy.

Latest Treasury


So many cute frenchie things, including some of my favorites!

Treasury Love

I just love it when people take time out of their day to create etsy treasuries that feature something from my shop.  What a compliment!

Here is a recent favorite:

The appeal of the mustache just doesn’t fade.


I’m In A Gift Guide!

Melissa at PugNotes was kind enough to let me know that one of my artworks was featured in a guide for pet lovers on etsy yesterday!


Can you see henri repeats in the middle towards the bottom?  This is so super exciting!

Thanks again Melissa and thanks etsy!

A New Print

This one is called “henri with stars-blue” and will be available in the etsy shop, hopefully tomorrow! is now available in the etsy shop!

I like it because I think it’s a little Halloweeny.

All Moved In

Well, we are moved in and I must say I like my new home.  There are lots of new places for naps but I like the guest bedroom a lot:

It’s very comfy.

Liz has been working on a new Henri with Hearts series.  Here is a new sketch:

I’m a great model aren’t I?

Well I must get back to my nap.  I will be back soon with some pictures of the new beach where I now get to take some morning walks!

Rufus with Hearts

I would like to introduce you to Liz’s latest finished commission, for a frenchie named Rufus who lives in Germany:

He is a very handsome and athletic fellow. And we are very excited that this piece of art is “going international”! 🙂

New Painting

Liz here. I just finished a new painting of Henri, and since he is sleeping under the desk (as usual) he gave me permission to take over for the day and share the creative process with you.

Here is the finished result, which will be available shortly in the etsy store:

I have been wanting to experiment with acrylics recently for a couple of reasons, one, they may be less toxic for the baby’s sake (although that is probably debatable), but mostly because they dry faster and that means I can do more paintings of Henri and also commissions. Usually I paint with oils, which take six months to a year to fully dry, and I can’t imagine most people wanting to wait that long to get their portrait, do you?

So this was a first experiment, and since I hadn’t painted for a while and wanted to just get going on it, I decided to dispense with the sketching (which sometimes I will do on paper first and then on the canvas, and just do a quick sketch in paint on the canvas.

Then, I painted in the background to start to build up the color:

And then revisited some of the detail:

And then painted over those again. I noticed plenty of paint was key to getting the smoothness and mixing in color on the canvas that I like.

I was quite pleased with the day’s work and honestly was somewhat tempted to just leave it but it’s just too easy to leave paintings unfinished so you don’t “ruin” them and I really wanted to finish this one. Especially because it was going sooo much faster than with my usual oil paints! Usually those get too wet and start to turn muddy after a certain point so you have to stop. But the nice thing about acrylics is that you can just keep going! I’m not a total convert, mind you. But I am happy that they dry so fast and they were not as difficult to work with as I had anticipated.

So, the next day of painting, I added in a few more layers, a few more details and some highlights.

And that’s it! A painting finished in 2 days! That is certainly a record for me. 🙂

Frenchie Sighting at “The Selby”

Have you heard of The Selby? It is a site showcasing the work of photographer Tom Selby, who takes wonderful pictures of people and their homes. Full of inspiration!

Liz spotted this photograph in the home of Mark and Ian:

I wonder who he is?

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