Parker’s 1st Birthday

The other week, I was invited to attend an exclusive soiree. This was to celebrate Parker’s first birthday. Of course I accepted!

There isn’t much that I love more than a good party.

I got to meet and play with some new friends, too. Here is Sprout:

This is the best picture Liz could get out of like 20 pictures of him. He just would not hold still!

This little lady received a lot of attention from us boys:

She was the only female there!

Buster went, too, but as I may have mentioned before, he is somewhat anti-social to other dogs. Here he is telling Parker to get lost:

We got to eat cupcakes. I was very excited about that, of course!

So was Parker.


After that we opened presents. Parker got more presents than his humans got on their birthdays!

James fed us all waaay too many treats. Delicious!

I can’t wait to go to another party. What do you think? Do you like to host or attend doggy birthday parties?

Recovering Nicely

I am so happy to be able to tell everyone that my surgery went well and I am feeling great! They were able to remove the tumor with clean margins and I should do very well going forward.  Dr. Judy does not expect it to come back.  I do have a scar but it is healing little by little and I will get my stitches out next week.

Ouch!  It actually looks even better than this now; this picture is from Sunday.  I have been very brave and not seemed to be in pain at all.  I was a little wobbly as we left the vet (I couldn’t wait to get out of there!) and when I got home I rested for a while. Then I pretended that I wanted to go on a walk (because Buster was going). But I was faking, after 1 block I sat down and then ran back home and went straight onto my bed! But by that evening I was playing with my toys.

As a bonus, I had my teeth cleaned while I was under anasthesia and now my breath smells super fresh!

I was all ready to attend a family picnic by the bay on Sunday.

Buster got to go too!

We had a good time.  Jon took me on a walk by the water:

And I discovered I really enjoy eating watermelon!

I love summer!

My Cousin Edgar

You all remember my cousin Buster don’t you? Here he is chillin on the couch at my auntie’s house:

But I also have a cousin named Edgar.

Edgar is a cat. I like to chase cats! This is hard for me and Edgar, because he does not like to be chased or lunged at and I don’t understand why. It is so much fun!

Just yesterday I was at the park and I chased a kitty right up a tree! It was the fastest I’d moved in a week!

Whenever I get within 3 feet of Edgar he starts to make a funny singing sound. This helps me to locate him more accurately.

But I am never allowed to get as close as I like…

He is a dumb cousin. In fact so is Buster. None of my cousins will play with me!

Buster is Back!

Guess what? My cousin Buster is back in San Diego, this time for good.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

My Cousin Buster

I have a cousin who is a chihuahua. His name is Buster Jones.

Unfortunately, we sort of hate each other.

It’s not my fault. I try to play with him when he visits, but he just growls at me and runs away. So, I get back at him by stealing his food and not letting him eat any of mine. The rest of the time we just ignore each other.

But I will admit he is pretty cute.

Do you remember when I told you Liz made a piece called “Henri Repeats”? Well, she made one of Buster, and here it is:

Nice, but one Buster is enough for me.

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