More Sewing Adventures

It’s been awhile since I’ve had any sewing to supervise. Things came to a standstill for a while with the pillow thing. But it looks like they are back on now!

Today was a very exciting day. First Anna came over to work on the pillows with Liz. I was so excited to see her that I could not leave her alone. When she & Liz were trying to design the pillows, I had to put in my two cents. I needed some scratches!

Luckily Anna is very accommodating and gave me all the scratching I desired.

It made me very relaxed and sleepy!

Then we got another visitor! Elsa’s mom came to pick her painting! I looove having visitors and it was so fun to meet a new friend. 🙂

I was so excited I got my lobster out so we could all play together. Anna, once again, was very accommodating:

Then they said it was time for more sewing. So back into the room we went. Of course I didn’t stay awake for long!

What can I say? I am much more interested in sleeping than sewing!

Sewing with Liz and Kristin

Last week, Liz and Kristin decided to get together to design some pillows. They said they are going to start a little business doing this. So, as is my duty, I accompanied them into the craft room, and sat between them on the floor.

For some reason they seemed to think I was in the way, so I retired to this chair to supervise:

But conditions soon deteriorated:

They swore it helped them to envision the final outcome, but somehow I don’t think so…

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