A Little Snooze

This morning after my walk Liz said I had to have another bath. So I did and I went from smelling stinky to smelling lovely. Liz had washed my bed at the same time though and it’s cold! So, she said as a special treat I could get in her bed. (Jon doesn’t know about this, by the way!)

Here I am, wondering why I can’t just sleep in peace without Liz taking pictures of me!

Ok, I’m going back to sleep now…

It’s very warm and cozy in here. Goodnight!

Buster Repeats II

It seems that Liz knows more than one Buster. This one lives on the East Coast though, and he is a beagle.Liz wanted me to share his repeats portrait with you, since she just finished it and it is going in the mail today:

Hope he likes it!

My Friend Mimi

I have never met her (she lives in Malaysia), but I think I am in love. Isn’t she just a vision of puggy perfection?

Oh, to be that lion! Mimi, will you be my valentine?

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