Blissful Dog Nose Butter

I discovered this product on etsy today.  How wonderful is this?  As he has gotten older and wiser, Henri’s nose has become a bit less supple, yes, even crusty…

A bit of this:

et voila, problem solved!  Henri says he can’t wait to get his paws on some.

Snacks from The Sea

Sometimes, when I go walking on the beach, I find a tasty little piece of seaweed that I just cannot resist!


I always choose this kind to have a little chew on.  It is kind of rust colored, with little balls along it that have leaves attached to them.  The balls pop when you crunch them!


My collar started to fall off, but this did not deter me for long!


I just continued without it!  Actually, I do not swallow any of this seaweed.  I just like to bite it and rip it to shreds.


Once that was accomplished, I was ready to continue my walk, with a little bit of a sandy face!  Maybe to find more seaweed scraps to chew on, or sniff at old mussel shells…there is so much to do at the beach!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah or whatever holiday you might like to celebrate around now!  I also want to wish you a very happy and healthy 2009.


Do you think I look happy about being forced to dress up as an elf?


In the past, there have been reindeer antlers, visits to Santa’s photo booth and other torturous incidents, but this year’s pictures definitely turned out better than ever.  Or so Liz says.

Personally, I’m not sure.  All I know is that I am quite accommodating–I did get about 20 treats out of this photo session, though, so it wasn’t all bad!

See you again after the holidays!

A Walk at Sunset

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I love my walks.  They are my favorite part of my days!  Seriously, all Liz has to do is say the word and I start dancing around the house like a crazy dog.

This weekend we went down to the beach at the end of Seacoast Avenue and had a lovely walk at sunset with our friends who were visiting.  I wanted to take a picture of me with them, but Liz forgot.  So here I am on the beach instead:


Isn’t it strange how instead of red eye, dogs in flash photos get green eye?  I think I look a little posessed here…and also in this one, only now my eyes are red:


This one is a bit more flattering:


After the photo shoot I was finally free to run into the night!  And I did:


How was your weekend?  I hope you had a nice one, too!

A Tasty Treat

Are you familiar with Nylabones?

Liver flavor, in particular?  If not you really must try one.

They are deeelish!  Get one this weekend and you’ll see what I mean.


My New Morning Walk

Well as you know I have moved to a new place.  I used to walk to the park, but now I have a new place to walk: the beach!

It is only a few blocks from my house.  Dogs are allowed on this part of the beach and usually, there is no one around so I can go without a leash!  I prefer this so I can sniff every single piece of seaweed and shell that I find.

You see?  No one!!  We could walk all the way to Coronado from here!  We don’t though, Liz says I would get too tired.

So with no one around I can get busy with my investigations.

I really love it here!

Pug Bowl 2008

So, this is a little late in being posted, but it was too cute to miss. I am talking about Nevis‘ Pug Bowl 2008.

Here is an adorable picture of her pug, Rukia, in a bowl:

You get the idea!

However, I’m a little too big for a bowl like that, and Liz has been searching for an appropriately- sized container.

This is what she finally came up with:

I guess this version is called French Bulldog Old Cardboard Box 2008. But still cute, no?

Meet Emmitt

Today Liz called me in the yard to meet a new friend. His name is Emmitt, and he is made by the talented Melissa Langer. Here we are, getting introduced:
He smelled very nice. I tried to eat him at this point, but Liz said “No”, and made me sit down for a picture. Bo-ring!
Whatever, do I look like I care about him?
Just kidding! A surprise attack…and this little morsel is mine…
Not for long, unfortunately. So I gave up trying to chew him and rolled over so I could get my tummy rubbed. It always works. Liz made me work for it, though. I had to pose for another picture with my new “friend”:
Now he is sitting out of my reach on Liz’s desk. So much for that! Guess I will have to play with one of my other toys now…
But I may get to meet the real Emmitt soon anyway, because he is going to visit San Diego for a very special pug party this summer! How exciting!
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