Flashback Fridays: Play fight!

This action shot goes back quite a few years to one of Henri’s trips to Santa Barbara.  He and his friend Chloe got along incredibly well and it was so adorable when they played together.  Doesn’t someone look like he’s about to bite a girl’s face off?  Vicious!…and with the classic Frenchie buggy eyes to boot.  Don’t worry, Chloe held her own when it came to putting the smackdown on Mr. Hopper.  You can see it’s about to go into effect here.  Frenchie pancake coming up!

Flashback Fridays: Special Delivery!

Can you imagine getting a package containing this from Mr. UPS?  A Frenchie in a box, not much cuter than that…just messing around, about three years ago.  Happy Friday, friends!

Flashback Fridays: Eiffel Tower, Paris

In his younger days, Henri was quite the little jetsetter.  Paris was a favorite destination…of course!  He’d fly in-cabin, under the seat, or sometimes on the seat, being fed tidbits of salmon and omelette by a cadre of adoring stewardesses…We’d wander round Montmarte together, go into restaurants and shops…I’m pretty sure Henri adores Paris just as much as I do!  Here we are at the Eiffel Tower circa 2000.  Such good times…

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