Napping The Day Away

I love the way his face smooshes up when he snuggles it into the carpet.


All Moved In

Well, we are moved in and I must say I like my new home.  There are lots of new places for naps but I like the guest bedroom a lot:

It’s very comfy.

Liz has been working on a new Henri with Hearts series.  Here is a new sketch:

I’m a great model aren’t I?

Well I must get back to my nap.  I will be back soon with some pictures of the new beach where I now get to take some morning walks!

A Little Snooze

This morning after my walk Liz said I had to have another bath. So I did and I went from smelling stinky to smelling lovely. Liz had washed my bed at the same time though and it’s cold! So, she said as a special treat I could get in her bed. (Jon doesn’t know about this, by the way!)

Here I am, wondering why I can’t just sleep in peace without Liz taking pictures of me!

Ok, I’m going back to sleep now…

It’s very warm and cozy in here. Goodnight!

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