Morning in The Park

It’s the perfect day for relaxing in the park. And what tastier snack than a few choice grass blades to snack on?


A Walk in The Park

Well, apologies again for the long delay in writing. There has been even more going on than I can even tell you about just yet! It has been crazy.

For one thing, that house I showed you last time, is not going to be my new house after all. It fell out of escrow in this crazy real estate market because it did not appraise.

But not to worry! Liz & Jon had a new offer accepted, and this house (it’s a condo actually) is 2 blocks from this beach!

photo via tallcj at flickr

I love the beach. I haven’t seen this house, but when I do, I will show it to you. I think I will wait to make sure it is going through this time though. Don’t want to disappoint you again!

Anyway, to clear my mind during this tumultuous time, I have been taking long walks in the park near my house. It is my favorite place to go whenever I get to go out.

I always meet loads of people and there are always friends to play with. This last time, I met a new one:

He was super nice. He was rescued by our neighbors from a man who wasn’t taking care of him. Now his life is fun and he gets to go to the park every day.

Of course I also made friends with his human family!

Nothing like a bit of relaxation to take your mind off things!

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