A Tasty Treat

Are you familiar with Nylabones?

Liver flavor, in particular?  If not you really must try one.

They are deeelish!  Get one this weekend and you’ll see what I mean.


My New Morning Walk

Well as you know I have moved to a new place.  I used to walk to the park, but now I have a new place to walk: the beach!

It is only a few blocks from my house.  Dogs are allowed on this part of the beach and usually, there is no one around so I can go without a leash!  I prefer this so I can sniff every single piece of seaweed and shell that I find.

You see?  No one!!  We could walk all the way to Coronado from here!  We don’t though, Liz says I would get too tired.

So with no one around I can get busy with my investigations.

I really love it here!

Meet Emmitt

Today Liz called me in the yard to meet a new friend. His name is Emmitt, and he is made by the talented Melissa Langer. Here we are, getting introduced:
He smelled very nice. I tried to eat him at this point, but Liz said “No”, and made me sit down for a picture. Bo-ring!
Whatever, do I look like I care about him?
Just kidding! A surprise attack…and this little morsel is mine…
Not for long, unfortunately. So I gave up trying to chew him and rolled over so I could get my tummy rubbed. It always works. Liz made me work for it, though. I had to pose for another picture with my new “friend”:
Now he is sitting out of my reach on Liz’s desk. So much for that! Guess I will have to play with one of my other toys now…
But I may get to meet the real Emmitt soon anyway, because he is going to visit San Diego for a very special pug party this summer! How exciting!

Buster Repeats II

It seems that Liz knows more than one Buster. This one lives on the East Coast though, and he is a beagle.Liz wanted me to share his repeats portrait with you, since she just finished it and it is going in the mail today:

Hope he likes it!

A New Bed

Sadly, it was only temporary!

Liz’s in-laws came to visit us last week (that’s why we haven’t written in a little while) and me & Liz got to sleep in the office on a new bed. Usually I sleep on my own bed, like this:

or sometimes a chair in the living room, but Jon was sleeping in there and he says I snore too loud for him.

I used to sleep in Liz’s bed before she met Jon, but due to my snoring problem (it’s not my fault!) I got booted. Liz said was really excited that we would get to share a bed again because I’m really warm and fuzzy and I don’t mind if she puts her cold feet under my belly to get warm.

At first I did not like it, because I am not used to sleeping with anyone. The new bed was small and I would kick Liz with my paws to try to get some room, and then give up and go sleep on my regular bed which she had brought in there with us.

The first night I lasted maybe 10 minutes, the second, half an hour. By the 5th day, I was starting to get used to it! I had my own pillow and plenty of covers. This is how Jon found us in the morning:

The pillow was just perfect for my chin!

After the inlaws left, Liz nicely left the bed out for me for a little while, because she could see that I liked it. I would sleep on it all day and all night too.

Finally she said she had to put it away because it was taking up too much room! But I held out as long as I could.

Mmm, it was so squishy and nice. Maybe she will get me another bed for the office, just like this one, but smaller. She said she would think about it!

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