Puggy Gift Tags

I know there are quite a few pug-lovers who lurk around this blog, so here’s a little something just for you!  Puggy gift tags!


Liz was inspired by these cute birdy ones at wrenandchickadee.  She made one for a friend, and then was inspired to make more because they are such fun to make!


Frenchie ones are in the works, of course, but these are available now in my etsy shop.  I also thought we should give a set away just for fun!  So, if you leave a comment below, I will use the randomizer to pick a winner on Friday.

Happy commenting!

Pug Bowl 2008

So, this is a little late in being posted, but it was too cute to miss. I am talking about Nevis‘ Pug Bowl 2008.

Here is an adorable picture of her pug, Rukia, in a bowl:

You get the idea!

However, I’m a little too big for a bowl like that, and Liz has been searching for an appropriately- sized container.

This is what she finally came up with:

I guess this version is called French Bulldog Old Cardboard Box 2008. But still cute, no?

Meet Emmitt

Today Liz called me in the yard to meet a new friend. His name is Emmitt, and he is made by the talented Melissa Langer. Here we are, getting introduced:
He smelled very nice. I tried to eat him at this point, but Liz said “No”, and made me sit down for a picture. Bo-ring!
Whatever, do I look like I care about him?
Just kidding! A surprise attack…and this little morsel is mine…
Not for long, unfortunately. So I gave up trying to chew him and rolled over so I could get my tummy rubbed. It always works. Liz made me work for it, though. I had to pose for another picture with my new “friend”:
Now he is sitting out of my reach on Liz’s desk. So much for that! Guess I will have to play with one of my other toys now…
But I may get to meet the real Emmitt soon anyway, because he is going to visit San Diego for a very special pug party this summer! How exciting!

My Friend Mimi

I have never met her (she lives in Malaysia), but I think I am in love. Isn’t she just a vision of puggy perfection?

Oh, to be that lion! Mimi, will you be my valentine?

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