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San Diego Pug Party

I had such an exciting week last week, I didn’t know what to tell you about first. I know you are all waiting anxiously to hear about my time in Santa Barbara, but this past weekend I went to a pug party for Pug Rescue of San Diego where I got to meet the artist Melissa Langer of Pugnotes! It was so exciting and I know she is going to post about this too,so I thought the Santa Barbara trip could wait a few more days…

I really liked her, as you can see! I have mentioned her before. She is the one who made the crochet pug that I was not allowed to eat. Unfortunately her friend Emmitt could not attend this time. But I got to meet plenty of other pugs!

A pack of pugs.

A pug in a nice outfit. (Thank God I did not have to dress up for this event!)

This pug was named Elvis and he was very old. He was just enjoying the ride in his little stroller.

A prizewinning pug. She had on a ribbon, for what I’m not sure, but she had won “honorable mention”. That is Melissa’s art in the background.

Liz thought this pug was the cutest one ever! He was very sleepy and floppy and his mom was carrying him around like a little baby. His name was Cornwallis. His mom said he is blind so his first homes didn’t want him (can you imagine??) but now he has a forever home and it looks like the best place for him!

It was so fun to meet Melissa and her sister Melanie and see all the art. I made some new human friends too, like this one:

What can I say, the ladies love me!

All this attention and excitement made me very sleepy, though.

When we got home, I passed out for the rest of the day–I did not even eat my dinner!

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