Ice Cream for Dogs

Yesterday Frank came over, without Parker because he was at home with a stomach ache.  I was very excited to see him because it’s been a while!

He & Liz went out, leaving me at home. 🙁

But they did bring me back a little something–an ice cream for dogs.  I have to say, I like regular ice cream a little better, I think!  I didn’t finish this one so I still have some left.  But this was pretty good, especially because it is still quite hot here.

It is called Frosty Paws.  It comes in a cute little cup, but after Liz read the ingredients online, she said she thinks regular ice cream might be better for me.  Which is ok with me!  Have you tried these?

A Tasty Treat

Are you familiar with Nylabones?

Liver flavor, in particular?  If not you really must try one.

They are deeelish!  Get one this weekend and you’ll see what I mean.


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